Trip Statistics


Peter’s 2010 Appalachian Trail Trip Statistics – Updated July 16 through the Salisbury, CT

Total AT Miles 1490.1
Total Side Trip Miles TBD
Total Number of Days 117
Total Number of AT Hiking Days 97
Total Number of Hiking Days 100
Total Number of Zero Days 20
Average AT Miles per Day 12.7
Average AT Miles per Hiking Day 15.4
Average AT Miles per Week 89.2
Number of Nights in a Shelter 47
Number of Nights in a Tent 18
Number of Nights in a Hostel 15
Number of Nights in a Hotel 11
Number of Nights in a House 24
Longest Day 35.5
Shortest Day 0.2
Most Consecutive Days Hiking 27
Most Consecutive Days Off 4
Total County High Points Climbed 41
Total Waterfalls Visited 16
Total P1k Peaks Climbed 34
Total Lookout Towers Visited 18
Total Hitchhikes 9
Total Days in GA 8
Total AT Miles in GA 76.4
Total Days in NC/TN 35
Total AT Miles in NC/TN 383.4
Total Days in VA 48
Total AT Miles in VA 537
Total Days in WV 1
Total AT Miles in WV 17.3
Total Days in MD 3
Total AT Miles in MD 40.9
Total Days in PA 12
Total AT Miles in PA 230.1
Total Days in NJ 3
Total AT Miles in NJ 71.1
Total Days in NY 4
Total AT Miles in NY 88.4
Total Days in MA 0
Total AT Miles in MA 0
Total Days in CT 4
Total AT Miles in CT 44.9
Total Days in VT 0
Total AT Miles in VT 0
Total Days in NH 0
Total AT Miles in NH 0
Total Days in ME 0
Total AT Miles in ME 0



  1. Peter, Stumbled upon you through Trail Journals. Impressive — website and informative entries, purposefulness, and personal dedication. Things that all bode well for your hike! Best wishes for a Maine Moment.

  2. Peter, Just finished my letters to the Park Superintendent and Landscape Architect, and will forward copies to the Congressman and Friends of the Smokies. I went to school with Lamar Alexander, TN Senator. Should I send a copy to him? Couldn’t hurt. I also mailed off a donation for Shuckstack to FFLA.
    I thought about you yesterday as the weather was gross here. I’m sure it was bad at Springer Mt. Hang tough…long way to go. Godspeed. Bill

  3. Hi Peter,

    I just read your first post. It must have been so hard to leave Allison. It will take no time for you to start to make friends. Those on the A.T. form one big moving community. Happy Trails.

  4. Great job on both your hike and rasing of funds
    for the tower. Looks like we had a reverse of
    weather last month. We were in the high 60s in
    Wyoming, but you however, were freezing your
    — off. Anyway, atlest it seems you missed the
    tornados between Nc and TN last month. All the
    best and we’ll keep intouch.


  5. I am really enjoying precariously your journey, both personally and for CMC. I talk to many people, both at Diamond Brand and on club hikes and they are all interested in what you are doing. You seem to be very efficient about your hiking. I look forward to reading more.

  6. Hey Peter – congrats on making the halfway point. (You’re definitely on my “Fantasy Hiker” team.) Keep living the dream for the rest of us, and best of luck with Shuckstack.

    – Hot Pocket

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