While a small number of photos will hopefully be added into each journal entry, this page will host handfuls galleries with many images in clickable thumbnail format.  Since I will be taking thousands of photographs over the course of the hike, not all of my images can appear here.  A handful of the best ones from a certain time period, usually about a week, will be added in individual galleries below. I’ve included a few galleries prior to my AT hike as well.

These galleries are still under construction. You may notice a problem when images are clicked to enlarge that the image becomes too large and overlapped. This should get resolved soon.

Shuckstack Lookout Tower Photos

Smokies 900 Miler Completion – September 2008

Smokies Wedding – Cataloochee – October 2008

Duckett Top Lookout Tower Restoration Project – October 2009

Forest Fire Lookout Association Summer Conference – Asheville, NC – July 2009

Earl Shaffer Smithsonian Exhibit – September 2009

AT Preparation Photos

Springer Mountain AT Departure

Springer to Woody Gap – To Be Continued


  1. Hi Peter:
    No need to reply if you can’t- just wanted to say I am keeping track of your progress on the trail!, wish I were 30 years younger! 64 on Tuesday!
    Its still been very cool here farther North along the trail- trees are greening up slowly and some brushfires around as well. Went walking on the AT myself the other day north of here for the afternoon. Vernon, NJ Trying to calculate when you would be getting to my area- perhaps 2nd or 3rd week of June? catch you then, Bob Spear

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