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While my obsession with fire towers is well documented (even in book form), many may not know about my addiction to climbing mountain peaks, or “peakbagging” – the hobby of collecting mountain summits. Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail offers quite the opportunity for a peakbagger; by nature of the adventure, I will already be climbing handfuls of peaks every single day, day after day.

I am particularly interested in certain categories of peaks. These especially include elevation threshold peaks, such as mountains in the southeastern and northeastern U.S. exceeding 6,000 ft., 5,000 ft., and 4,000 ft. In the southeastern U.S., I have climbed all peaks above 6,000 ft. Those who complete this list are awarded the South Beyond 6000 award by the Carolina Mountain Club. On the Appalachian Trail, I will have the opportunity to reach the only other 6,000+ ft. summit in the eastern U.S., Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

I have also climbed all southeastern peaks above 5,000 ft., becoming the only person to complete this list of mountains. In 2011, I will be releasing a hiking guidebook covering all of these peaks through UNC Press . Many of these summits I will be revisiting during the first month of my Appalachian Trail thru-hike. However, I am very excited to have the opportunity to complete the remaining 10 peaks above 5,000 ft. in the eastern U.S. when in New York, New Hampshire, and Maine.


I am also excited about the prospect of climbing many 4,000 ft. peaks both in the southeast and northeast. If time allows, I hope to reach most of the White Mountains 4,000 footers. This includes 48 peaks and completion is awarded with a hiking patch by the Appalachian Mountain Club. Many of these peaks are located directly on or very near the Appalachian Trail. Many others will require more distant side trips, some which may necessitate the rental of a car during my time in New Hampshire (and for other peaks in New York and Maine). While I hope to have time for these additional excursions, I will not be certain whether my schedule will accommodate their added time requirement until I am well into the duration of my hike.


I also hope to climb many 4,000 ft. peaks in the Northeast, outside of the White Mountains, as well as peaks making up the “Northeast Highest 100”. The route of the AT and my time frame will make it impossible for me to complete all of these peaks this summer, but I hope to complete a vast majority of them so I can easily finish the remainder with one long visit back to the Northeast. I will also be casually collecting 4,000 ft. peaks in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia as the trail travels over them or within close vicinity.

I also adamantly collect county highpoints. County Highpoints, while generally several explanatory, are occasionally not located atop a mountain summit (county lines sometime bisect peaks on their slopes) or sometimes require the visitation of more than one location (due to the indeterminable elevation of miltiple areas that contend for the highest point). This certainly adds an extra dimension to this collection. In the Appalachians, most peaks indeed are on the summit of a mountain. However, county highpoints give significance to some peaks that otherwise uninteresting or unknown. Frequently, a peak is a county highpoint despite not being the highest summit in the general area. While my county highpointing has generally focused on those within North Carolina (I have visited 87 of 100 HPs), my AT hike will present the opportunity to reach at least 25 additional county highpoints, including at least one in almost every state through which I pass. On my thru-hike, I will also reach the highest point in seven states.

Recently, I have developed an interest in “prominence peaks”. Prominence peaks are mountains measured by their total rise over the lowest point between it and the next highest point of land. You can find more information about the concept of topographic prominence here . Prominence is measured mathematically and not visually; a good example of a very prominent mountain is a volcano because it is usually a stand-alone peak where the land on all sides rises to its highest point. Examples of a peak having high prominence in the Appalachian Mountains would be Clingmans Dome, the highest peak in the entire range of the Great Smoky Mountains, and Mt. Washington, the highest peak in the White Mountains. While these mountains have very high mathematical prominence (+2,000 ft.), I am interested in all peaks in excess 1,000 ft. of prominence, known as P1k peaks. I will collect these peaks throughout my hike, but especially in the southeast and northeast.


Ultimately, my greatest goal of all is the completion of the entire Appalachian Trail. But I can’t help but to bag peaks along the way…

Below includes a list of the peaks that I may climb during the course of my thru-hike. I’ve arranged them in chart form that so that may go in periodically and update whether I have summitted each mountain or not. The chart also indicates the significance of the peak and why it is a summit of interest to me.

A Quick Key to Abbreviations:
SB6k=South Beyond 6000, E5k=Eastern 5,000 ft. Peak, P1k=1,000 ft. Prominence Peak, P2k=2,0000 ft. Prominence Peak, etc., Ultra Prominence=5k+ Prominence Peak, Cohp=County High Point, GA 4k (or NC, NH, etc.)=4,000 ft. Peak, NP HP=National Park High Point, Range HP=Highest Point in Indicated Mountain Range, State HP=Highest Point in Indicated, State, NE100=New England Highest 100, NJ1k=New Jersey 1,000 ft. Peak, ADK46=Adirondack 46er, “*”=Previously Visited, “-“=Skipped Peak

Updated June 27 through Duncannon, PA

Peak State Elevation Interest On AT? Date
Mt. Oglethorpe GA 3288 Former AT Terminus, Pickens Cohp No 21-Mar
Springer Mountain GA 3782 AT Southern Terminus, P1k Yes 22-Mar
Hawk Mountain GA 3660 Former Fire Tower Site No 23-Mar
Black Mountain GA 3740 Fire Tower No 24-Mar
Big Cedar Mountain GA 3600 View Yes 24-Mar
Slaughter Mountain GA 4338 GA 4k No 24-Mar
Blood Mountain GA 4461 GA 4k, Lumpkin  Cohp, P1k Yes 25-Mar
Cowrock Mountain GA 3852 View Yes 26-Mar
Housetrough Mountain GA 4060 GA 4k, P1k No 27-Mar
Spaniard Knob GA 4020 GA 4k No 27-Mar
Blue Mountain GA 4020 GA 4k Yes 27-Mar
Rocky Mountain GA 4020 GA 4k Yes 27-Mar
Brier Creek Bald GA 4163 GA 4k No
Tray Mountain GA 4430 GA 4k, White & Habersham Cohp, P1k Yes 27-Mar
Young Lick Knob GA 3780 Triple Divide Peak Yes 28-Mar
Double Spring Knob (Kelly) GA 4100 GA 4k No 28-Mar
Rick Knob GA 4152 GA 4k No
Hightower Bald GA 4588 GA 4k No
Courthouse Bald NC 4700 NC 4k Yes 29-Mar
Big Laurel NC 4860 NC 4k No 29-Mar
Standing Indian Mountain* NC 5499 NC 5k, Clay & Macon Cohp, Former Fire Tower Site, Nantahala
Range HP, P2k, View
No 30-Mar
Albert Mountain* NC 5220 Fire Tower Yes 30-Mar
Pinnacle Mountain NC 5020 Former Fire Tower Site Yes 31-Mar
Runaway Knob South NC 4580 NC 4k No 31-Mar
Rocky Cove Knob NC 4540 NC 4k No 31-Mar
Rattlesnake Knob NC 4860 NC 4k No
Sheep Knob NC 4780 NC 4k No 31-Mar
Siler Bald* NC 5220 NC 5k, View, P1k No 1-Apr
Wine Spring Bald* NC 5460 NC 5k, P1k No
Wayah Bald* NC 5342 Fire Tower Yes 1-Apr
Rocky Knob* NC 5100 View No
Wesser Bald* NC 4627 Fire Tower Yes 1-Apr
Cheoah Bald* NC 5062 NC 5k, Cheoah Range HP, View, P2k Yes 5-Apr
Wauchecha Bald* NC 4380 Fire Tower No
Shuckstack* NC 4020 Fire Tower Yes 7-Apr
Doe Knob NC/TN 4520 NC 4k No 7-Apr
Devils Tater Patch NC/TN 4775 NC 4k Yes 7-Apr
Thunderhead Mountain* NC/TN 5527 NC 5k, Blount TN Cohp Yes 9-Apr
Tricounty Peak NC/TN 4820 NC 4k No 9-Apr
Silers Bald* NC/TN 5607 View Yes 9-Apr
Mt. Buckley* NC/TN 6580 View Yes 9-Apr
Clingmans Dome* NC/TN 6643 Lookout Tower, TN State HP, Swain NC Cohp, Sevier TN Cohp, Great
Smokies Range HP, P4k, SB6k, GSMNP HP
No 9-Apr
Mt. Collins* NC/TN 6188 SB6k, Meigs Post Yes 9-Apr
Mt. Kephart* NC/TN 6217 SB6k, View from Jumpoff No 11-Apr
The Jumpoff NC/TN 6000 Views No 11-Apr
Mt. LeConte TN 6593 SB6k, Views, P1k No 11-Apr
Mt. Sequoyah NC/TN 6003 SB6k Yes 12-Apr
Mt. Guyot* NC/TN 6621 SB6k, Haywood NC Cohp, P1k No 13-Apr
Mt. Cammerer* NC/TN 4928 Fire Tower No 13-Apr
Snowbird Mountain NC/TN 4260 NC 4k, P1k Yes 14-Apr
Max Patch* NC 4629 NC 4k, View Yes 14-Apr
Walnut Mountain NC/TN 4680 NC 4k No 15-Apr
Bluff Mountain NC 4686 NC 4k, P1k Yes 15-Apr
Rich Mountain* NC/TN 3670 Fire Tower No 18-Apr
Spring Mountain NC/TN 3700 P1k No 19-Apr
Camp Creek Bald* NC/TN 4844 Fire Tower No 19-Apr
Whiterock Cliffs* NC/TN 4260 View Yes 19-Apr
Blackstack Cliffs* NC/TN 4540 View No 19-Apr
Big Firescald Knob NC/TN 4540 View Yes 19-Apr
Big Rocks NC/TN 4638 View Yes 20-Apr
Gravel Knob NC/TN 4860 NC 4k, Greene TN Cohp, P1k No 20-Apr
Green Ridge Knob NC 4860 NC 4k No 20-Apr
Flint Mountain   4380    
Sugarloaf Knob NC 4580 NC 4k No
Lick Knob NC/TN 4579 NC 4k Yes 22-Apr
High Rock NC/TN 4500 NC 4k Yes 22-Apr
Unnamed Bald* NC/TN 4460 NC 4k Yes 22-Apr
Big Bald* NC/TN 5516 NC 5k, P2k Yes 22-Apr
Little Bald* NC/TN 5220 NC 5k Yes 22-Apr
High Rocks* NC 4300 NC4k, View No 22-Apr
Flattop Mountain NC 4716 NC 4k, P1k No
No Business Knob   4180 TN 4k No
Temple Hill TN 3710 Former Fire Tower Site No
Beauty Spot* NC/TN 4437 View Yes 25-Apr
Beauty Spot East NC/TN 4540 NC 4k No 25-Apr
Unaka Mountain* NC/TN 5190 NC 5k, P1k Yes 25-Apr
RFG 154 NC 4448 NC 4k No 25-Apr
Little Bald Knob NC/TN 4460 NC 4k Yes 25-Apr
Unnamed 4420 NC/TN 4420 NC 4k Yes 25-Apr
Little Rock Knob NC/TN 4940 NC 4k Yes 26-Apr
Roan High Bluff* NC 6267 SB6k, View No
Roan High Knob* NC/TN 6285 SB6k, Former Fire Tower Site, Mitchell NC Cohp, Carter TN Cohp,
Roans Range HP, P2k
No 26-Apr
Round Bald* NC/TN 5820 View Yes 26-Apr
Grassy Ridge Bald* NC 6180 SB6k, Avery NC Cohp No
Big Yellow Mountain* NC 5460 NC 5k, View No
Little Hump Mountain* NC/TN 5460 NC 5k, View Yes 27-Apr
Hump Mountain* NC/TN 5587 NC 5k, View Yes 27-Apr
White Rocks Mountain E TN 4020 TN 4k Yes 29-Apr
White Rocks Mountain W TN 4100 TN 4k, Former Fire Tower Site Yes 29-Apr
Pond Mountain TN 4329 TN 4k No
Huckleberry Ridge/Iron Mountain TN 4170 TN 4k Yes 30-Apr
Rich Knob TN 4247 TN 4k No 2-May
McQueen Knob TN 3965 Former Fire Tower Site Yes 3-May
Buzzard Rock* VA 5100 View Yes 5-May
Whitetop Mountain* VA 5560 SE 5k, Washington Cohp, P1k No 5-May
Mt. Rogers* VA 5729 VA State HP, SE 5k, Smyth & Grayson Cohps, P2k No 6-May
Wilburn Ridge* VA 5540 View No 6-May
Haw Orchard Knob* VA 5100 SE 5k, View No
Third Peak VA 4940 VA 4k No 7-May
High Point VA 4060 VA 4k No 8-May
Glade Mountain VA 4093 VA 4k, P1k Yes 9-May
Chestnut Knob VA 4409 VA 4k, Bland Cohp, Former Fire Tower Site Yes 11-May
Swag Peak VA   VA4k^ No 11-May
Balsam Beartown (Garden Mountain) VA 4710 VA 4k, Tazewell Cohp, P1k No 11-May
Garden Mountain Ridge VA 4100 VA4k   12-May
Greaver BM VA 4157 VA 4k No
Sand Mountain VA 3721 P1k, Former Fire Tower SIte No 9-May
High Rocks VA 3660 View No 14-May
Cove Mountain VA 3370 Fire Tower No 14-May
Big Walker Lookout VA 3484 Fire Tower No 14-May
Comers Rock VA 4100 VA 4k, Wythe Cohp, View No 14-May
Sugar Run Mountain VA 4180 VA 4k, P1k, Former Fire Tower, View No 19-May
Angels Rest VA 3620 View No 19-May
Bald Knob VA 4261 VA 4k, P2k, Giles Cohp, View No 19-May
Brushy Top VA 4035 VA 4k No 21-May
Butt Mountain VA 4205 VA 4k, Fire Tower, View No 21-May
Unnamed, Mountain Lake VA 4250 VA 4k No 24-May
Wind Rock VA   View Yes 24-May
Potts Mountain VA 4128 VA 4k, Former Fire Tower No 24-May
White Rocks VA 3960 Craig Cohp, View No 24-May
Kelly Knob VA 3742 View Yes 24-May
Sinking Creek Mountain VA 3441 View Yes 25-May
Dragons Tooth VA 3050 View No 26-May
McAfee Knob VA 3190 P1k, View Yes 27-May
Tinker Cliffs VA 2333 View Yes 27-May
Hay Rock VA 2021 View Yes 27-May
Sharp Top Mountan VA 3862 P1k No 28-May
Flattop Mountain VA 3994 P1k, VA Near 4k No 28-May
Harkening Hill VA 3372 3rd Peak of Otter No 28-May
Apple Orchard Mountain VA 4224 Va 4k, P2k, Botetourt Cohp Yes 30-May
Bluff Mountain VA 3372 Pk1, Former Fire Tower Site Yes 1-Jun
Bald Knob VA 4060 Amherst Cohp, P1k, VA 4k Yes 2-Jun
Cold Mountain VA 4020 VA 4k Yes 2-Jun
Pompey Mountain VA 4032 VA 4k^ No 2-Jun
Mt. Pleasant VA 4060 Amherst Cohp, P1k, VA 4k No 2-Jun
Rocky Mountain VA 4072 Amherst Cohp, Rockbridge Cohp, P1k, VA 4k No 2-Jun
Elk Pond Mountain VA 4034 VA 4k No 3-Jun
Spy Rock VA 3700 View No 3-Jun
Maintop Mountain VA 4060 Nelson Cohp, VA 4k, P1k No 3-Jun
The Priest VA 4063 Nelson Cohp, VA 4k, P1k Yes 3-Jun
Three Ridges VA 3970 P1k, VA Near 4k Yes 3-Jun
Humpback Rocks VA 3100 View Yes 4-Jun
Blackrock VA 3140 View Yes 7-Jun
Big Flat Mountain VA 3389 Albemarle Cohp, P1k No 7-Jun
Flattop Mountain VA 3340 P1k No
Hightop Mountain VA 3587 P1k No
Beafence Mountain VA 3580 View   10-Jun
Hazeltop (slope) VA 3640 Greene Cohp Yes 10-Jun
Hawksbill* VA 4050 Page Cohp, Madison Cohp, P2k, SNP HP, VA 4k, View No 10-Jun
Old Rag VA 3268 P1k, View No 11-Jun
Stony Man Mountain* VA 4011 VA 4k, View No 12-Jun
The Pinnacle VA 3730 Rappahannock Cohp Yes 12-Jun
Marys Rock VA   View   12-Jun
Hogback Mountain VA 3474 Warren Cohp Yes 16-Jun
High Knob VA 2388 P1k, Sign No
VA 2205 Fauquier Cohp, P1k, Former Fire Tower Site No 18-Jun
Blue Ridge #1, Paris BM VA 1935 Clarke Cohp No 18-Jun
Blue Ridge #2 VA 1940 Clarke & Loudon Cohp No
Wilson Gap Southwest WV 1713 Jefferson Cohp No 20-Jun
Split Rock WV/VA 1190 View No 21-Jun
Jefferson Rock WV 450 View, History Yes 21-Jun
Maryland Heights MD 1381 View No 21-Jun
Lambs Knoll MD 1758 Former Fire Tower Site Yes 21-Jun
Monument Knob MD 1500 Lookout Tower, History Yes 22-Jun
Quirauk Mountain MD 2160 Washington Cohp, Fire Tower, P1k, View No 23-Jun
Mt. Dunlop PA 1695 Fire Tower No 23-Jun
Snowy Mountain PA 2035 Fire Tower No 24-Jun
Big Flat Ridge #1 PA 2065 Adams Cohp No 25-Jun
Big Flat Ridge #2 PA 2065 Fire Tower No 25-Jun
Blue Mountain #1 PA 1690 Berks Cohp No
Blue Mountain #2 PA 1674 Lehigh Cohp No 1-Jul
Blue Mountain #3 PA 1670 Lehigh Cohp No
Blue Mountain #4 PA 1695 Northampton Cohp, Former Fire Tower Site No 3-Jul
Mt. Minsi PA 1461 Former Fire Tower Site Yes 4-Jul
Mt. Tammany NJ 1549 View, NJ1k No 5-Jul
Kittatinny Mountain NJ 1610 Warren Cohp No
Catfish Tower NJ 1570 Fire Tower, NJ1k Yes 6-Jul
Mt. Paradise NJ 1606 NJ1k No
Normenook NJ 1510 Fire Tower Yes 7-Jul
Sunrise Mountain NJ 1653 NJ1k, View Yes 7-Jul
High Point NJ 1803 NJ State HP, Sussex Cohp, Lookout Tower No 8-Jul
Bear Mountain NY 1290 Lookout Tower Yes 10-Jul
Anthonys Nose NY 900 View No 10-Jul
Hartland Pond Peak CT 1421 Hartford Cohp No 14-Jul
Bear Mountain CT 2316 Former Fire Tower Site Yes 16-Jul
Mt. Frissell/CT HP CT 2380 CT State HP, Litchfield Cohp No 16-Jul
Brace Mountain NY 2323 Dutchess Cohp, View No 16-Jul
Mt. Race MA 2372 View Yes 16-Jul
Mt. Everett MA 2600 Fire Tower Yes 16-Jul
Mt. Wilcox MA 2100 Fire Tower No  
Mt. Greylock MA 3487 MA State HP, Berkshire Cohp, Lookout Tower, P2k Yes  
Glastenbury Mountain VT 3747 Former Fire Tower Site, P1k Yes  
Stratton Mountain VT 3940 Fire Tower, P2k, Windham Cohp, NE100,      
Equinox Peak VT   NE100, Bennington Cohp, P2k    
Bromley Mountain VT 3281 Fire Tower Yes  
Peru Peak VT 3425 P1k No  
Mendon Peak VT 3840 NE100 No  
Killington Peak VT 4235 NE 100, NE4k, Rutland Cohp, Fire Tower, P3k, No  
Pico Peak VT 3957 NE 100, Former Fire Tower No  
Dorset Mountain VT 3780 NE100, P2k, Former Fire Tower Site No  
Observatory Hill NH 600 Lookout Tower No  
Velvet Rocks NH 1040 View? Yes  
Moose North Mountain NH 2300 P1k Yes  
Smarts Mountain NH 3248 Fire Tower, P2k Yes  
Mt. Cube NH 2909 View Yes  
Webster Slide NH 2290 View No  
Mt. Moosilauke NH 4802 NH4k, NE100, P2k Yes  
Mt. Wolf NH 3480 View Yes  
Kinsman South Peak NH 4358 NH4k, NE100, P2k Yes  
Kinsman North Peak NH 4293 NH4k,NE100 Yes  
Cannon Balls NH 3769 NE100 No  
Cannon Mountain NH 4080 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Liberty NH 4459 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Flume NH 4328 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Lincoln NH 5080 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Mt. Lafayette NH 5260 E5k, NH4k, NE100, P2k, Grafton Cohp Yes  
Mt. Garfield NH 4480 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Owls Head NH 4025 NH4k, NE100 No  
Galehead Peak NH 4024 NH4k, NE100, P1k No  
South Twin NH 4902 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
North Twin NH 4761 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Guyot** NH 4508 View Yes  
West Bond NH 4520 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Bond NH 4698 NH4k, NE100 No  
Bond Cliffs NH 4265 NH4k, NE100 No  
Zealand Mountain NH 4240 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Mt. Hale NH 4054 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Willey NH 4255 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Field NH 4320 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Tom NH 4051 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Webster NH 3910 View Yes  
Mt. Jackson NH 4052 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Mt. Pierce NH 4310 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Mt. Eisenhower NH 4760 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Monroe NH 5372 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Isolation NH 4004 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Washington NH 6288 NH4k, NE100, E5k, Ultra Prominence (P6k), Coos Cohp, White
Mountains Range HP, NH State HP, Triple Divide
Mt. Jefferson NH 5712 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Adams NH 5774 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Madison NH 5366 NH4k, NE100 No  
Wildcat Mountain D NH 4062 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Wildcat Mountain North NH 4422 NH4k, NE100, P1k, Lookout Tower Yes  
Carter Dome NH 4832 NH4k, NE 100, Former Fire Tower Site Yes  
Mt. Hight NH 4675 View Yes  
South Carter Mountain NH 4420 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Middle Carter Mountain NH 4600 NH4k, NE100 Yes  
Shelburne Moriah Mountain NH 3735 View No  
Mt. Hayes NH 2555 View Yes  
The Horn NH 3905 NE100, View No  
The Bulge NH 3940 NE100 No  
Mt. Cabot NH 4160 NH4k, NE100, P2k, Former Fire Tower Site No  
Bunnell Rock NH 3400 View No  
North Weeks NH 3901 NE100 No  
South Weeks NH 3885 NE100 No  
Mt. Waumbeck NH 4006 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Nancy NH 3926 NE100, Former Fire Tower Site No  
Mt. Carrigan NH 4680 NH4k, NE100, P2k No  
Vose Spur NH 3862 NE100 No  
Mt. Hancock NH 4420 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Osceola NH 4315 NH4k, NE100, Fire Tower No  
Osceola East Peak NH 4156 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Tecumseh NH 4009 NH4k, NE100 No  
Square Ledge NH 2620 View No  
Sandwich Mountain NH 3960 Carroll Cohp, NE100, View  No  
Mt. Passaconaway NH 4043 NH4k, NE100 No  
Mt. Whiteface NH 4015 NH4k, NE100 No  
The Sleepers South Peak NH 3860 NE100 No  
Tripyramid Middle Peak NH 4100 NH4k, NE100 No  
Tripyramid North Peak NH 4180 NH4k, NE100, P1k No  
The Fool Killer NH 3548 Name, NH100 No  
Mt. Success NH 3565 View Yes  
Gooseeye Mountain ME 3860 NE100, P1k Yes  
Old Speck Mountain ME 4160 NE4k, NE100, Fire Tower, Oxford Cohp, P2k No  
Baldplate East Peak ME 3780 NE100, P2k Yes  
Elephant Mountain ME 3772 NE100, P2k No  
Saddleback Mountain ME 4120 NE4k, NE100, P2k Yes  
Saddleback – The Horn ME 4041 NE4k, NE100 Yes  
Mt. Abraham ME 4040 NE4k, NE100 No  
Spaulding Mountain ME 4000 NE4k, NE100 No  
Sugarloaf Mountain ME 4240 NE4k, NE100, P3k, Franklin Cohp No  
South Crocker ME 4040 NE4k, NE100 Yes  
Mt. Redington ME 4000 NE4k, NE100 No  
Crocker Mountain ME 4226 NE4k, NE100, P1k Yes  
The Horns ME 3792 NE 100 Yes  
Bigelow Mtn – West Peak ME 4145 NE4k, NE100, P2k, Somerset Cohp Yes  
Bigelow Mtn – Avery Peak ME 4088 NE4k, NE100, Fire Tower Yes  
Pleasant Pond Mountain ME 2490 P1k Yes  
Bald Mountain ME 2600 Fire Tower Yes  
Barren Mountain ME 2660 P1k Yes  
Whitecap Mountain ME 3654 Fire Tower, P2k Yes  
East Kennebago ME 3791 NE100, P1k No  
Kennebago Divide ME 3775 NE100 No  
Whitecap Mountain ME 3654 NE100, P2k No  
Boundary Peak ME/CA 3855 NE100 No  
Snow Mountain ME 3960 NE100, P2k, Lookout Tower No  
Cupsuptic Snow ME 3784 NE100, P1k No  
Mt. Coe ME 3795 NE100 No  
South Brother ME 3970 NE100 No  
North Brother ME 4151 NE4k, NE100, P1k No  
Fort Mountain ME 3867 NE100 No  
Hamlin Peak ME 4756 NE4k, NE100 No  
Katahdin ME 5268 AT Terminus, E5k, NE4k, ME State HP, Piscataquis Cohp, P4k Yes  


  1. so Peter, when you signed your name on mt Quimby in VT last year, did you expect someone else would sign in so soon after you? There was a 10 years gap after John Person left one of his many jars on peaks in New England.

    Do you believe in such thing as “message in a bottle” on the mountains?

    Congratulation on your AT completion.

    I’m a peakbagger from New England 😀

    • Ha! No way! I sure believe in a “message in a bottle” on the mountains now! Thanks for the note; this was quite a pleasant surprise. My goodness, it’s almost been a year now; how time flies. Thanks again for the message.

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