Peter’s Current Location On the Appalachian Trail

Below is my approximate location on the Appalachian Trail.  I will update the marker for my location manually when I reach town or it will be updated by Allison when updating my journal entries.  You may also follow my realtime progress by paying attention to my Twitter updates below on the right in the sidebar or here.

Click the marker to see the date and time of when my location was last updated; it may not always be current because of lack of internet access, but will be able to indicate my general location on the trail within at least a few days.  Sometimes clicking on this marker will specifically indicate the name of my location as well.

You can zoom in on the map, though the red track representing the trail loses detail on the highest levels of zoom.  This lack of detail was necessary to allow the entire track of the trail visible on the wide, zoomed out view.  I hope everyone enjoys following me through my journal entries as well as my general location on the map.


  1. Congrats Peter on the internship. Down in the Gulf on the oil spill. Did a detail at Delaware Water Gap two years ago and enjoyed it. Hopefully you got my message at Birds Nest 3 in Shenandoah last month. Peace and safe travels.

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