Where To Buy Mountain Khakis?

Are Mountain Khakis worth the money?

It is no secret that mountain khakis cost a fortune compared to the average pants. However, in my view, they are worth every penny spent. Their durability is second to none.

Where is Mountain Khakis located?

Mountain Khakis is your premium outdoor apparel outfitter. Born on the rugged frontier of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and groomed on Southern charm, we offer premium & durable design with bold, timeless style.

How do mountain khakis fit?

As for sizing: it’s true in the waist, and long in the leg. They’re fairly tight in the butt for a pair of khakis, which I guess girls will like, but they’re also high on the waist, which makes you look like a dork if you tuck your shirts in. Honestly, an average pair of dockers fits and looks better.

Are Mountain Khakis Made in USA?

The quality, time-tested craftsmanship and hardware are guaranteed for life … and Made In The USA.

Do Mountain Khakis run small?

These pants are the perfect weight for around town or hiking in the spring. They have that classic Mountain Khakis styling, but with stretch. Runs Small Rating of 1 means Runs Small Runs Large.

Do Mountain Khakis shrink?

About the Mountain Khakis Original Mountain Pant At the heart of the Mountain Khakis Original Pant is a 10.4 oz cotton duck canvas fabric that despite continued abuse has held up. I have two pairs of these pants now and in the early models the cotton would shrink quite a bit leaving some waiting for the flood.

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What is Broadway fit?

The Broadway Fit is slim and straight through the hip and thigh. The pant is constructed of 100% cotton 2-ply canvas delivering excellent abrasion-resistance and long term durability. The rugged construction makes the pant a year-round option. A diamond-shaped gusset enhances comfort and fit.

Are Mountain Khakis good?

Pros: Highly durable fabric, good looking, comfortable, functional pockets. Cons: Stiff and heavy fabric, decreased mobility, wrinkles very easily.

How do you measure for khakis?

Lay your pant flat and measure from crotch point and walk your tape along the inseam to edge of leg opening. Which will give you Inseam of your pant. If you are measuring your body, stretch your legs apart measure straight from crotch point, straight down to the edge of your foot.

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