Where Is Schweitzer Mountain Resort?

How far is Schweitzer from Coeur D Alene?

The distance between Coeur d’Alene and Schweitzer Mountain is 48 miles. The road distance is 58.4 miles.

How far is Schweitzer from Sandpoint Idaho?

Conveniently located only 11 miles from Schweitzer Mountain, on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint has it all including a thriving arts community, fantastic restaurants, and local craft beers & wines.

What city is Schweitzer Mountain in?

Schweitzer Mountain
Location Bonner County, Idaho, U.S.
Nearest major city Sandpoint 11 miles (18 km) Spokane, Washington 80 miles (130 km)
Coordinates 48.367°N 116.623°WCoordinates:48.367°N 116.623°W
Vertical 2,440 ft (744 m)


What mountain range is Schweitzer in?

Located in the Selkirk Mountains of the northern Idaho panhandle, and only 80 miles from Spokane, WA, Schweitzer overlooks the town of Sandpoint, ID and offers breathtaking views of three states, Canada and the impressive Lake Pend Oreille.

Is Schweitzer a good ski resort?

With 2,900 skiable acres, Schweitzer does not rank among the top ten biggest ski areas in North America, but it does top the list among Idaho resorts. Schweitzer’s size makes it big enough to provide enough terrain for a lengthy vacation.

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How much snow does Schweitzer get?

Average monthly snow in Schweitzer Mountain

Month Snow amount (week) Snow days (week)
December 11.0 in 4.4 days
January 9.1 in 4.1 days
February 9.8 in 4.6 days
March 8.7 in 4.5 days


Who owns Schweitzer Mountain?

The estate of Keith McCaw – one of four Seattle brothers who made their fortune in cell phones – is now the sole owner of Schweitzer Mountain Resort. Harbor Properties and the estate, which had jointly owned two ski resorts, parted ways last week.

How do you fly to Schweitzer Mountain?

Schweitzer recommends Alaska Airlines – offering non-stop flights into Spokane from Portland and Seattle and connections from over 90 destinations coast to coast, including Hawaii, Mexico and Canada. For additional information and flight reservations, visit www.alaskaair.com or call Alaska Air at 1-800-547-9308.

How much snow does Sandpoint Idaho have?

Each year, Sandpoint, Idaho experiences approximately 30 days of winter weather, totaling an average annual snowfall of 58 inches.

How tall is Schweitzer Mountain?

But it’s hard to resist the dramatic views from the chairs and runs on Schweitzer’s front side above the village, especially from the Lakeview Triple chair that climbs steeply to the resort’s high point of 6,389 feet.

What does Schweitzer mean?

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): ethnic name for a native or inhabitant of Switzerland, from Middle High German swizer, German Schweizer. Similar surnames: Schwitzer, Schnitzer, Schweiger, Scherzer, Schweizer, Schleifer.

Does Schweitzer have night skiing?

Every lift at Schweitzer requires a lift ticket. Do I need a ticket to night ski? Yes, you can either purchase a twilight ticket or if you have a ticket for that day then you are all set as it includes twilight skiing for the same evening.

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When did Schweitzer Mountain Open?

It was through the knowledge and tireless efforts of Wormington that the foundation was laid for the Schweitzer of today. On November 30, 1963 the resort proudly opened with a day lodge and a mile long double chair lift.

How many acres is Silver Mountain?

Silver Mountain has 1590 acres of terrain over 67 trails.

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