Where Is Mountain High In California?

What city is Mountain High?

Mountain High
Location Big Pines, Los Angeles County, California
Nearest major city Wrightwood, California
Coordinates 34.37472°N 117.69323°WCoordinates:34.37472°N 117.69323°W
Vertical 1,600 ft (490 m)


How far is Mountain High from San Diego?

Travel time from downtown San Diego is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

What is the elevation of Mountain High?

Mountain High Resort is located at 6,600 feet above sea level and rises to 8,200 feet at the summit.

How much does Mountain High Cost?

Valid any day or night Mountain High is open during the 21/22 season. Must be 22 or under through 1/1/2022 to be eligible. Season Pass Rates.

Child 12 & Under
Regular Price $399


Is Mountain High free?

With a Mountain High Season Pass, guests get unlimited access to all three (3) Mountain High Resorts, day and night, including holidays. Children 6 & under receive a FREE season pass with the purchase of an Adult Season Pass, and 70 & over are free every day. 2021/22 Spring Sale Prices are: $499 Adult (Reg $799)

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Is Mountain High good for beginners?

They have quite good ski academy – my kids learned how to ski from zero experience to making curves just in 1 day (about $100 / child). They have a number of beginner lifts so it is a good place to start skiing.

How much is a day pass at Mountain High?

Lift Tickets

Child (7 and under) Adult (13-64)
High $29 $69
Regular $25 $65
Low $16 $49

What part of California does it snow?

Snow is uncommon west of the Sierra Nevada, except in the Cascades and the Coast Range, but it has fallen in nearly every area of the state. Snow is lighter east of the Sierra Nevada because of the snow shadow effect. Even sunny Southern California gets snow occasionally.

How close is skiing to San Diego?

You see, San Diego, although it’s on the coast, is only a few hours away from some magnificent mountains. In those mountains, you’ll find some of the best ski resorts in the United States. You can reach several of them in 3 to 4 hours, making a day trip to top skiing near San Diego very possible!

Do I need chains to drive to Mountain High?

Chain Info R3: Chains required on all vehicles. No exceptions.

Is Big Bear or Mountain High better?

while there’s a shuttle between the two in case you want to try something different, it loses convenient points for this. then again, it’s closer to LA and an easier drive. if you want to make a weekend trip, big bear is a much better option. for a day trip, go to mt high on a weekday.

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Who owns Mountain High?

Terry Tognazzini, an Orange County businessman, acquired Mountain High in 1978 and Holiday Hill in 1981. He merged the two historic areas to create a single resort known as Mountain High Ski Area.

How much is a night ticket at Mountain High?

Ski or Snowboard for just $75 per Day, $35 per Night (5pm-10pm) with your GovX discount. Purchase tickets at the ticket windows.

Is Mountain High open for night skiing?

Night skiing takes place every Wednesday-Sunday & holidays from 5pm-10pm. Mountain High closes at 4pm Monday & Tuesday. Bright lights cover 80% of the West Resort including the park and tickets are just $55.

Where should I stay at Mountain High?

  • Wrightwood Chamber of Commerce. (760) 249-4320 | Wrightwood Chamber.
  • Wrightwood Lodging Association. Wrightwood Mountain Resort.
  • Canyon Creek Inn. (760) 249-4800 | Canyon Creek Inn.
  • Cedar Lodge Motel. (760) 249-5062 | Cedar Lodge.
  • All Pine Inn.
  • Bear Mountain Lodge.
  • Bear With Us Cabin.
  • Get Away Chalet.

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