Where Is Mohonk Mountain?

How far is Mohonk from NYC?

Yes, the driving distance between New York to Mohonk Mountain House is 92 miles. It takes approximately 1h 48m to drive from New York to Mohonk Mountain House.

Is Mohonk in the Catskills?

The Mohonk Mountain House, also known as Lake Mohonk Mountain House, is an American resort hotel located on the Shawangunk Ridge in Ulster County, New York. Its location in the town of New Paltz, New York, is just beyond the southern border of the Catskill Mountains, west of the Hudson River.

How expensive is Mohonk?

This FitStay is a meal-inclusive luxury wellness resort, with regular room rates ranging from $680 to $1,130 per night. Mohonk is not on a specific schedule, so guests can book the resort for any length of time, starting with just one night.

Is Mohonk Mountain House worth it?

A beautiful place with a stunning view and great food and wine. I would recommend Mohonk to everyone. The only downside is that it is a bit pricey but definitely worth it!!!

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Can you just visit Mohonk Mountain House?

Guests can visit Mohonk Mountain House for the day with an advance dining or spa reservation. Both reservations include parking and access to the Mountain House and property.

How much is Mohonk Mountain House per night?

Mohonk’s room rates have gone up quite a bit from the early days when a night’s stay cost $3. Prices start at around $250 per person for a standard room on a weekday; add $165 for kids age 12 or older and $94 for 5 to 12 year olds (kids under five stay free).

Was the shining filmed at Mohonk Mountain House?

The film was shot in New Paltz, New York and featured the historic Mohonk Mountain House. Stephen King’s: The Shining takes place at a hotel in Colorado called “The Stanley,” however many New York natives claim that the inspiration for the movie actually stemmed from the Mohonk Mountain House.

What movies have been filmed at Mohonk Mountain House?

After the tax cut was enacted, the Hudson Valley Film Commission welcomed filming crews for major productions like A Quiet Place (2018) starring Emily Blunt and John Krasinsky, which filmed in Pawling, Beacon, and New Paltz; Avengers: Endgame (2019), which filmed some scenes without the star studded cast in Staatsburg

Is Mohonk still open?

TRAILHEAD INFORMATION Trailheads open daily at 7 am for members and 9 am for day-use visitors. The Visitor Center is open from 9-5 daily. Please note that Preserve lands and trailheads close at sunset. For more information about visiting the Preserve, including trailhead information and COVID-19 protocols, click here.

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Can you bring alcohol to Mohonk Mountain House?

Mohonk has a beautiful terrace overlooking the lake, but believe it or not, they DO NOT ALLOW any alcohol on it. What’s worse, there is a private party going on on the upper level of the terrace as we speak, and they ARE ALLOWED to drink alcohol.

Is alcohol included at Mohonk Mountain House?

At Mohonk Mountain House, in New Paltz, it’s possible to have a classic all-inclusive getaway any time of the year. Dinner was a three-course meal ( alcohol was not included in the all-inclusive package ). But the highlight of the resort was the included activities, which could keep you busy all day.

What should I wear to Mohonk Mountain House?

Most of our venues allow for relaxed, resort casual attire. Appropriate attire includes slacks, well-kept denim, dress shorts and collared shirts. Gentlemen should feel comfortable wearing a seasonal sport coat or blazer if they desire. Athletic wear, swimwear, t-shirts, tank tops, and flip flops are not permitted.

How much is dinner at Mohonk Mountain House?

Prices: For day guests, the breakfast buffet costs $42.50 per person; lunch /brunch, $66 to $72; dinner, $72; not including tax and gratuity and all slightly higher for holidays and the month of October. There is also a Carriage Lounge for cocktails and light fare, along with a Granary for outdoor dining.

How much is a wedding at Mohonk Mountain House?

Even though Mohonk is a pricey place to stay overnight, as a wedding venue it was actually quite reasonable. The site fee was only $650, while other venues we looked at asked for upwards of $9,000, and then they had the same per-head cost on top of that, and didn’t come with nearly as many benefits as Mohonk.

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Who owns the Mohonk Mountain House?

The Smiley Family The Smileys have owned and operated Mohonk Mountain House since Albert Smiley’s original purchase in 1869. For nearly 150 years, six generations of Smiley family members have devoted their talents to ensure that Mohonk continues to thrive and carry forward its values and traditions.

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