Where Is Cypress Mountain In Vancouver?

How far is Cypress Mountain from Vancouver?

Cypress Mountain, a popular destination for skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and hiking, is located on the North Shore, about 17 miles, or 28 kilometers, from downtown Vancouver.

How do you get to Cypress Mountain?

Getting Here Take Skytrain or Bus to Waterfront Station, connecting via Seabus to the private Cypress Mountain Express Bus at Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver.

What is there to do at Cypress Mountain?

Nordic Area Activities

  • Cross Country Skiing.
  • Snowtubing.
  • Lights to the Lodge.
  • Snowshoeing.

Is Cypress Mountain open for skiing?

These dates are subject to change at Cypress Mountain’s discretion based on weather and snowfall. Opening and Closing Dates Cypress Mountain.

Season Opening Closing
20/21 11/13/2020 04/11/2021
19/20 11/29/2019 03/15/2020
18/19 12/03/2018 04/14/2019
17/18 11/10/2017


Can you buy lift tickets at Cypress?

Lift Tickets Simply select the date of your planned visit to Cypress Mountain, then purchase your tickets at the available rates and lock in the savings.

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How much does it cost to ski at Cypress?

Cypress Mountain Ski Tips It costs about $27 or so more than a regular single adult day ticket, but then covers you for the first day’s skiing plus 20% off every subsequent day. Nordic Sky Cards are also available.

Is Cypress Mountain good for beginners?

Often regarded as the “biggest” of the North Shore Mountains, Cypress is actually great for beginners. For starters, they address all three newbie fears (skill, equipment and price) in one package.

Do you need chains to drive to Cypress?

You will be able to make it up as long as it is not heavily snowing. Sometimes they check though and it is required to have winter tires or chains. All depends on weather at the time of travel and your own risk tollerance. Cypress Hill represent!

Do you need snow tires to go to Cypress Mountain?

Remember: you must have Winter Rated tires to travel up Cypress Mountain!

What tires do you need for Cypress Mountain?

1 answer. yes, winter tires are recommended. We also have a shuttle service to the mountain during winter operations.

Does Cypress have a gondola?

Those visiting and working at Cypress Mountain will have to utilize the new gondola. The existing access road up the mountain will be limited to only maintenance and delivery vehicles, the mountain’s new ski area residents, and will only be open to everyone during the gondola’s non-operating hours.

Is parking free at Cypress Mountain?

Visitors to all but one of the parking lots on Hollyburn Mountain will now have to pay $10 to park, something Cypress Mountain Resort says is needed to manage unprecedented demand. Cypress Mountain Resort issued a release on Dec.

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Does Cypress Mountain have snow?

The snow forecast for Cypress Mountain is: Some drizzle, heaviest during Sun night. Very mild (max 13°C on Sat afternoon, min 6°C on Sun night).

Is Cypress Mountain still open?

Our season typically runs from December till mid-April. Our daytime snowshoe trails are open from 9am-4pm daily!

Who owns Cypress Mountain?

American company acquires full ownership of Cypress Mountain Resort. Michigan-based Boyne Resorts announced today it has assumed full ownership of Cypress Mountain Resort, in West Vancouver, along with five other resorts in the US.

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