What Eats The Mountain Pygmy Possum?

What animals eat the mountain pygmy possum?

The Mountain pygmy possums are hunted by local predators such as the red fox and feral cats. On the other hand, they are affected by many factors, threatening local populations of Bogong moth (their primary food source) such as pesticide use within their breeding grounds.

Why is the mountain pygmy possum going extinct?

The Mountain Pygmy – possum is threatened in NSW by the loss, degradation and fragmentation of habitat. Two of the four main sub-populations are located within ski resort areas. Past management practices by the resorts have led to direct loss of habitat and alteration of vegetation.

What is being done to protect the mountain pygmy possum?

You can help the Mountain Pygmy – possum and other threatened alpine species by: protecting the habitat of all our native species including the mountain pygmy possum; driving carefully and watching out for wildlife on the roads to and from the ski fields; and.

How many mountain pygmy possums are left in captivity?

Today there are only three known populations: Mount Higginbotham and Mount Buller in Victoria, and Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. The total population size is estimated to be less than 2600 adults, restricted to a total range less than 10 square kilometres.

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Are pygmy possums good pets?

They are very good pets for beginners because of their cleanliness, omnivorous diet, and general good health. These opossums are small, generally friendly creatures with easy care requirements, and they certainly are cute!

Can you have a pygmy possum as a pet?

It’s illegal to keep them without a wildlife rehabilitation permit, though, and once they ‘ re old enough to survive on their own, healthy possums can, and should, be released. They ‘ re wild animals who don’t fare well often in captivity. Trying to transform a possum into a pet can be expensive and heartbreaking.

Is the mountain pygmy possum critically endangered?

Conservation status. Since 2008, the mountain pygmy possum has been declared by the IUCN Redlist as Critically endangered. Population estimates totalled less than 2000 individuals from the three combined isolated populations in 2000.

How long does a pygmy possum live?

Although not much is known about how long some species live, female mountain pygmy possums live about eleven years, while males live only four, an unusually large difference in lifespan.

Where does the mountain pygmy possum live?

The Mountain Pygmy-possum is confined in its distribution to the Australian Alps, occurring in three locations across the alpine region in Victoria (Mt Bogong and Mt Buller) and NSW. In NSW, a third population is distributed among small patches of habitat in alpine and subalpine areas of Kosciuszko National Park.

Why is the mountain pygmy possum The only hibernating mammal in Australia?

Because the Pygmy – possum needs a snow depth of at least 1 metre to provide adequate insulation during its winter hibernation, it is threatened by any climate change that fragments or thins the snow cover and exposes it to cold temperatures.

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Are there pygmy possums in Melbourne?

Mountain Pygmy – possums are found in alpine and subalpine regions above 1400 m on Mt Buller and the Bogong High Plains in Victoria, and Mt Kosciuszko in New South Wales. They inhabit rocky alpine and subalpine areas where Mountain Plum-pines grow.

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