Readers ask: Who Is The King Under The Mountain?

Who is the king under the mountain after Thorin dies?

After the death of Thorin in the Battle of Five Armies, Dain becomes King under the Mountain. He redeems the Arkenstone from Bard with a fourteenth of the treasure, which is used to re-establish Dale. Over the next three years, Bard rebuilds the city of Dale and becomes its king.

Who is king under the mountain after the Hobbit?

Dain Ironfoot becomes the king under the mountain. As he is a cousin of Thorin and of the line of Durin, he has the legal right to rule Erebor. He remains King till the War of the Ring, when he dies fighting in front of the doors of Erebor, despite being over 250 years old at that time.

How long was Thorin king under the mountain?

Under Thráin’s rule the Arkenstone was discovered, and many riches were mined from its depths; After Thráin’s death and his son Thorin I had ruled for ten years, he abandoned the Mountain in T.A. 2210 for the Grey Mountains; where his people were now gathering.

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What happened to Dain Ironfoot?

Dain and Brand during the siege of Dale Dáin participated in the War of the Ring’s northern campaign but was killed during the Battle of Dale in TA 3019, defending the body of King Brand of Dale before the gates of the Lonely Mountain.

What did Kili say to tauriel?

Kíli says to Tauriel “amrâlimê”, which I’m pretty sure is David Salo’s Neo-Khuzdul. Tauriel says she doesn’t understand it, so it’s very clear it isn’t Sindarin. “amrâl” – means “love”. It used the abstract construction aCCâC as seen in the Tolkien original khuzdul words such as “aglâb”.

Who inherits Erebor?

The King under the Mountain was also by right the King of Durin’s Folk. In The Hobbit, the Dragon Smaug was held to be the only “king” of Erebor. Thorin Oakenshield was in fact in line to be the only rightful King under the Mountain.

Is Thorin half elf?

TL;DR: Thorin is half – elf, and Fili and Kili are themselves both part elf and half -human. The two young dwarves represent the union of Elves, Men, and Dwarves that once existed before Dale fell, and which will rise again.

Why did Bilbo take the Arkenstone?

Answer and Explanation: Bilbo originally takes the Arkenstone because it is beautiful, and he decides that it will be his share of the treasure.

Why do the orcs want to kill the dwarves?

So the dwarves were being followed by orcs because Azog had a quest of his own to find Thorin and kill him. The Great Goblin (in Goblin-Town) sent a message to Azog to let him know that the Great Goblin had Thorin in captivity. He says, But Thorin was already mortally wounded.

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Why is Thorin so tall?

Thorin was probably ” tall ” because of his royal heritage and how central of a character he was. Hobbits = Really Short. Smaller than even most dwarves, which was shown rather nicely when Bilbo stood amongst the others.

Who is the only king under the mountain the townspeople have known?

“Which king?” said another with a grim voice. “As like as not it is the marauding fire of the Dragon, the only king under the Mountain we have ever known.” “You are always foreboding gloomy things!” said the others.

Why did Thorin go crazy?

The other dwarves cared a great deal about retaking the Lonely Mountain, but Thorin was beyond obsessed with it. It essentially became his sole purpose in life. So Thror ( Thorin’s grandfather), held one of the 7 Dwarven rings, crafted by Sauron, which explains why he went mad. The Dwarves became greedy as a result.

Did the oakenshield bloodline die?

↑ Thorin II Oakenshield died in the Battle of Five Armies. ↑ Frerin died in the Battle of Azanulbizar. ↑ Dáin II Ironfoot died in the Battle of Dale.

Did Fili and Kili die in the book?

The Dwarves Thorin Oakenshield, rightful King of Erebor,and his nephews and presumptive heirs, Fili and Kili, sons of his sister, Dis, were killed at the Battle of the Five Armies. In the book, no details of how this happened, only that it did.

How does Balin die?

It told how Balin discovered Durin’s Axe, and established a small colony, but it was overrun by orcs and Balin was killed by an orc archer in Dimrill Dale. Thus he died in the same place as his father, having been self-proclaimed Lord of Moria for less than 5 years.

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