Readers ask: Where Is White Mountain Located?

Where are the White Mountains in Arizona located?

The White Mountains range starts west of the Arizona transition zone, a place known as the Mogollon Rim located in the eastern part of Arizona. The mountainous region stretches mostly east, but a little south, and meanders to the west as far as New Mexico.

Where is White Mountain National Forest located?

White Mountain National Forest
Location New Hampshire / Maine, United States
Nearest city Berlin, NH
Coordinates 44.1°N 71.4°WCoordinates:44.1°N 71.4°W
Area 750,852 acres (3,038.59 km2)

Where do the White Mountains begin and end?

The White Mountains begin in Nevada at Montgomery Pass on U.S. 6, and head south over low Mustang Mountain (10,320′) before rising to Boundary Peak (13,143′), the highest point in all Nevada.

Why are they called White Mountains AZ?

In 1863, when gold was discovered in central Arizona, one of the first roads heading north into that region passed by the eastern side of the mountain range. The White Tank was the only water for 20 to 30 miles during those first few years of Arizona Territorial history and gives the mountains their name.

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Is Show Low in the White Mountains?

Show Low is the largest city in the White Mountains and is one of the fastest growing cities in northern Arizona. The city proper has a population of nearly 12,000 residents, but Show Low’s trade area population numbers over 146,000.

Is the White Mountain National Forest closed?

While the White Mountain National Forest remains open, we are reminding the public to please recreate responsibly. New Hampshire has a Stay Safe at Home order in place and has asked the public to recreate locally.

How much does it cost to go to the White Mountains?

There are three pass options: a $5 day pass available on-site, a $30 single annual pass or a $40 two vehicle annual pass for those that use the Forest year-round. For those holding the Golden Access, Golden Eagle, Golden Age or National Park Pass with Golden Eagle upgrade, parking is free.

How many miles is the White Mountains?

White Mountains, segment of the Appalachian Mountains, U.S., extending for 87 miles (140 km) across north-central New Hampshire and slightly into western Maine.

Is Mount Monadnock in the White Mountains?

It is the highest point in Cheshire County, New Hampshire. Monadnock is one of the most popular mountains to climb in the world. At 3,165 feet (965 m), Mount Monadnock is nearly 1,000 feet (300 m) higher than any mountain within 30 miles (48 km).

Mount Monadnock
Easiest route White Arrow Trail 2.3 mi (3.7 km)


Is North Conway in the White Mountains?

North Conway is surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest, mountain rivers, lakes, and hiking trails. You’ll find exciting mountain adventures to thrill or relax you. Every season has recreation and activities to keep you busy and happy.

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Are the White Mountains big?

Extending for some 60 miles (97km), the White Mountains of California form an elevated plateau that’s nearly 20 miles (32 km) wide at its widest point in the South. The White Mountains are actually the tallest range that is completely inside the Basin and Range Province.

Can you hike the White Mountains right now?

***During this time, our trails are open year-round, but we would like to remind those who come to the White Mountains to hike, that social distancing rules still apply on trails.

What towns make up the White Mountains?

Important settlements in the region include:

  • Littleton.
  • Whitefield.
  • Bethlehem.
  • Gorham.
  • North Conway.
  • Conway.
  • Lincoln.
  • Campton.

Is hiking the White Mountains hard?

The hike is tough, but doable, and meanders through the White Mountains Wilderness section of Inyo National Forest: a rugged a beautiful mountain desert, tucked into the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada. The summit of White Mountain Peak offers great 360 views from the Eastern Sierras to Nevada.

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