Readers ask: Where Is Sun Mountain Lodge?

How far is Methow Valley from Spokane?

There are 139.42 miles from Spokane to Winthrop in northwest direction and 185 miles (297.73 kilometers) by car, following the WA 155 route. Spokane and Winthrop are 3 hours 44 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

Who owns Sun Mountain Lodge?

In March, 85 year old businessman and philanthropist, Erivan Haub, owner of Sun Mountain Lodge, and a supporter of environmental causes in the Methow Valley, died of natural causes on his ranch in Wyoming.

How many rooms does Sun Mountain Lodge have?

The expanded lodge building contains 47guestrooms, and in the totally rebuilt Gardner building are 28 rooms with wet bars and gas fireplaces. The Robinson building, which opened at Christmas 1996, has 24 deluxe rooms with stocked refreshment centers, gas fireplaces and whirlpool tubs in each room.

When was Sun Mountain Lodge built?

Barron opened the lodge in 1968 with 50 guest rooms in two buildings and a main lodge. A visionary, he saw the valley’s potential as a cross country skiing mecca. The Haubs completed the first major renovation and expansion of the three-story main lodge in 1989.

Does Sun Mountain Lodge allow dogs?

No, Sun Mountain Lodge does not allow pets at this time. The Methow Valley offers two boarding kennels: Rover’s Ranch and Aspen Kennels. Sun Mountain Lodge does not charge any resort fees. What’s more, parking and WIFI internet access are FREE!

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Where is Methow Valley located?

Nestled in the foothills of the North Cascade mountain range, the Methow Valley is the Northwest’s most popular destination recreation area. With each changing season, there are new sights to see, fun things to do and an ever-changing landscape to explore. The Methow Valley is a four-season recreational wonderland.

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