Readers ask: What Is Blue Mountain State About?

What is Blue Mountain State based on?

Blue Mountain State. BMS is a show about a college football team, allegedly based on Penn State, and their antics. Mainly the show follows Alex Moran, the second string quarterback at the beginning of the show.

Is Blue Mountain State a good show?

This is really the major reason to watch ” Blue Mountain State.” It’s incredibly funny on every level. The characters are meticulously well-drawn, but also completely ridiculous. The show is over-the-top in the best way possible and even after watching each episode multiple times, they still crack me up.

Why did Blue Mountain State get taken off Netflix?

Beside this, why was BMS removed from Netflix? While it was reported that the show was canceled because of a decline in ratings, show producer Eric Falconer had a different opinion. “ BMS wasn’t cancelled because of a drop in ratings. Craig briefly reappears in the BMS Movie “The rise of Thadland”.

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Is Blue Mountain State on Netflix?

Netlfix users who watch Blue Mountain State may want to take in as much of the show as they can, because it’s leaving the streaming service in April. Per a new list of exiting shows and movies for next month, all three seasons of Blue Mountain State will be dropped from Netflix on April 1.

Is Blue Mountain State based off Penn State?

BMS is a show about a college football team, allegedly based on Penn State, and their antics. His boyhood friend Sammy comes along for the adventure as the mascot of the team. Also, Thad Castle plays a big role in the show as the ultracompetitive and serious, yet goofy, captain of the team.

Where is Blue Mountain State available?

Watch Blue Mountain State online: Netflix, DVD, Amazon Prime, Hulu, release dates & streaming.

What college was Blue Mountain State filmed at?

Filming locations The Herzberg building on the John Abbott College campus, which doubles as Blue Mountain State University in the show.

Where can I Watch Blue Mountain State 2020?


  • Netflix.
  • Disney+

How old is BMS?

Blue Mountain State is an American comedy series that premiered on Spike on January 11, 2010. The series producers includeChris Romano and Eric Falconer, and it is produced by Lionsgate Television.

Does Hulu have Blue Mountain State?

*Watch Blue Mountain State: Season 1 on Hulu either streaming online or on your favorite device. HBO Max now has Blue Mountain State: Season 1 streaming with a subscription.

Is Blue Mountain State on HBO?

Blue Mountain State: Season 1 is now on HBO Max as of. You can also find Blue Mountain State: Season 1 on Amazon Prime with a Amazon Watch Party!

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Is Blue Mountain State on Amazon Prime?

Watch Blue Mountain State Season 1 | Prime Video.

Is Blue Mountain State coming back?

Blue Mountain State: Cancelled; No Season Four. The game is over for Coach Daniels (Ed Marinaro) and his team. There won’t be a fourth season for Blue Mountain State. The comedy series revolves around the on and off-field antics of Pennsylvania college football powerhouse, Blue Mountain State.

What happened to Craig Shilo in Blue Mountain State?

(Starring Season 1) Craig is a running back from Columbus, Ohio. It is revealed by the coaches in the Season 2 premiere that Shilo has apparently transferred to Georgia Tech. Craig briefly reappears in the BMS Movie “The rise of Thadland”.

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