Readers ask: Rocky Mountain Way How To Play?

What tuning does Joe Walsh use for Rocky Mountain Way?

Listening to the song, sounds like it’s done in open G tuning – but the song seems to be in E – I was trying to jam along with the slide solos and riffs, found them fairly easy in open G – but the bassline seems to be done in standard tuning, a lot of E A and D root notes in there.

What tuning does Joe Walsh use for slide?

Wait a moment and try again. Joe Walsh once told me that, in order to play slide guitar, the guitar has to be tuned to an E major chord.

What key does Joe Walsh sing in?

tldr: The song opens in A major using blues harmony, with the A major pentatonic plus blues notes played between the A and D chords. (Technically, this is in the mixolydian mode).

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