Readers ask: How Long Does It Take To Hike Table Mountain?

Is Climbing Table Mountain Hard?

All routes up Table Mountain are quite challenging due to the steep and long ascent to the top. Overall hiking trails up Table Mountain are more difficult than Lion’s Head hike.

How long is a hike up Table Mountain?

Our full-day hikes up Table Mountain take about five hours to complete and cover roughly five kilometres. These Table Mountain hikes show you a lot more of the mountain than half-day hikes and are often technically challenging.

Is it safe to hike Table Mountain alone?

Ten Basic Rules of Mountain Safety Don’t hike alone; four is the ideal number. Choose your route carefully and stick to it. Allow yourself enough time – start early. Inform someone of your route and what time you’re expected back.

What is the best time to go up Table Mountain?

Cape Town’s long, dry summer months between November and February provide the best conditions for visiting, and the Cableway operates later into the evening during this time.

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How much does it cost to climb Table Mountain?

A one-way online ticket for adults will cost R90, and R40 for children under 18. Our ticket office rates are increasing ever so slightly. A return adult ticket will cost R180 and a one-way ticket will cost R95. Children under 18 will pay R90 for a return and R45 for a one-way ticket.

How dangerous is Table Mountain?

According to the South Africa Mountain Accidents Database, at least 131 people have died on Table Mountain since 1980. One of its deadliest years saw 15 people killed in 2009. Several people have been killed on the mountain this year. Among them was high-ranking UN official Charlotte Nikoi.

Is it free to hike up Table Mountain?

All these walks are on level ground and are easy to navigate, while more lengthy options are available for the more adventurous. Short guided walks depart from the Twelve Apostles Terrace (below the Shop at the Top and the Table Mountain Café) on the hour from 09h00 – 15h00 and are free of charge.

Can you hike up Table Mountain without a guide?

They can take you up more exciting routes and reveal the most beautiful parts of the mountain. It is not wise to hike up Table Mountain for your first time without a guide or an experienced hiker who knows the route well.

Is the cable car free on your birthday?

You can collect and redeem your free birthday Cableway ticket on any day of the calendar month in which your birthday falls. For example: visitors born in October are able to collect and redeem their free birthday ticket on any day in October (even if it’s before your actual birthday )

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Has anyone died Table Mountain?

A female hiker died while climbing Table Mountain on Saturday. Johan Marais, spokesperson for Wilderness Search and Rescue (WSAR), said his team was alerted to an unconscious hiker about 200m from the top of Skeleton Gorge after 10am.

Is it safe to hike Lion’s Head alone?

Never hike Lion’s Head alone – Hiking alone can be dangerous. We have a Lion’s Head morning, afternoon or even sunset hike. Full moon hikes are fun but there’s more – Lion’s Head full moon hikes are night time scrambles in the dark. You need to bring a flashlight for full moon hike.

What should I wear to Table Mountain?

Make sure you bring sunscreen and a hat, and wear light clothing to handle the heat, but bring a light jacket with you as well since the weather can change rapidly. If you have a small backpack, you can bring everything you need in that – and don’t forget your camera!

Can you take your own food up Table Mountain?

You’re allowed to take your own food and drinks to the top of Table Mountain. Visitors are more than welcome to bring along their own food and beverages – we know the idea of a picnic at the top, with scenic views of Cape Town and the ocean down below, is simply irresistable!

Can I drive up Table Mountain?

Reaching Table Mountain is very easy if you’re staying in the city center. The CBD is located just below the mountain, so you can choose to go by bus, car, taxi or bicycle.

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How long is the Table Mountain cable car ride?

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway
Type bi- cable aerial tramway
Vertical distance 765 metres (2,510 ft)
Horizontal distance
Duration of one-way trip 4 to 5 minutes


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