Quick Answer: Who Owns Wachusett Mountain Ski Area?

How much does it cost to ski at Wachusett?

Monadnock Quad & Surface Lifts (View Lifts Included)

Ages 13-64 Jr. 6-12 Sr. 65+
Session 1 $54 $42
Session 2 $54 $42
Session 3 $51 $39
Session 4 (Dec 25-Mar 13) $32 $28

What does Wachusett mean?

” Wachusett “, (also spelled “Wachuset”, “Watchusett”, and “Watchuset”) is a word derived from the Algonquian languages such as Nipmuc and Wompanoag, still spoken by the Native Americans of Massachusetts and is believed to approximate “near the mountain” or “mountain place”.

When did Wachusett open?

The Crowleys Begin Operating Wachusett Formed as a business entity by Ralph Crowley and Normand Letarte on August 16, 1968, Wachusett Mountain Associates won the five- year lease with a bid of $16,002.

What planet has a mountain named Wachusett?

Mount Wachusett is a mountain in Massachusetts. It straddles towns of Princeton and Westminster, in Worcester County. It is the highest point in Massachusetts east of the Connecticut River.

Mount Wachusett
Elevation 2,006 ft (611 m)
Prominence 922 ft (281 m)
Coordinates 42°29′20″N 71°53′15″W


Can you rent skis at Wachusett?

Ski & Snowboard Rentals | Wachusett Mountain.

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Does Wachusett have night skiing?

Open for night skiing until 10pm every night! – Picture of Wachusett Mountain Ski Area, Princeton – Tripadvisor. Sign in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Can you drive to the top of Mount Wachusett?

Take your car straight to the summit of Wachusett Mountain, for a breathtaking 360 degree view.

Does Wachusett Mountain have snow tubing?

Wachusett Mountain, Princeton Wachusett Mountain ( wachusett.com) is one of the most popular places to snowboard near Boston. Tubers typically have no options at Wachusett Mountain, although the mountain has some rare events that include snow tubing.

Can you drive up Mt Wachusett?

We live nearby and love to hike Mt Wachusett regularly. It is not a difficult hike and there are multiple trails you can take. You can also drive or hike on the paved road (except during ski season when the ski trails are open).

What US ski resorts are still open?

  • Open. Arapahoe Basin (Colorado) OPEN – 100 trails, 9 lifts, 7″ past 7 days.
  • Open. Breckenridge Resort (Colorado) OPEN – 26 trails, 4 lifts, 8″ past 7 days.
  • Reopen. Crystal Mountain (Washington)
  • Open. Mammoth (California)
  • Open. Mt.
  • Reopen. Snowbird (Utah)
  • Open. Squaw Valley (California)
  • Open. Timberline Lodge (Oregon)

Can you see Mt Washington from Mt Wachusett?

In perfect conditions, Monadnock is possible to identify – it’s the isolated bump to the left of the double peak of Pack Monadnock and North Pack. But the only Mount Washington you ‘ll see is the one in Everett (and it will not be easy to identify).

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How far is Wachusett Mountain from Boston?

The distance between Boston and Wachusett Mountain is 43 miles. The road distance is 55.9 miles.

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