Quick Answer: Where Was Walton’s Mountain Supposed To Be?

Where was Waltons Mountain supposed to be?

While the television series took place on a fictional “Walton’s Mountain,” in Virginia, and the book on “Spencer’s Mountain” in Wyoming, both are actually based on Hamner’s hometown of Schuyler, VA. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that the Walton’s Mountain Museum is located right here in Schuyler, VA.

Where is the house that The Waltons was filmed in located?

Richard Thomas, better known as John-Boy Walton, will be there for that event. The house is located at 128 Tree Top Loop, Schuyler, Virginia 22969.

Is there a place called Walton’s Mountain in Virginia?

Thank you! Schuyler, Virginia, is a pleasant community of 400 residents nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in central Virginia, about 70 miles west of Richmond. Of course, the fictional town in the television series was called ” Walton’s Mountain,” not Schuyler.

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Why did Curt Willard leave the Waltons?

Curt is called to military service and is lost during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Mary Ellen finds him after the war a bitterly changed man living in Florida. He has no intention of returning to his family due to injuries he acquired in Pearl Harbor.

Does the Waltons house still exist?

The show aired from 1971-1981 and won an Emmy in 1974. The original house that served as the backdrop to Hamner’s childhood was built in the early 20th century in the village of Schuyler in Nelson County, where it still stands today. The two story home with its recognizable gabled roof sits on a 1/3 acre lot.

Did the Waltons House really burn down?

Ranch in Burbank. The original exterior set of the Waltons ‘ house burned down years ago, but the home was rebuilt in a new location for reunion specials.

How long did the Waltons run?

For nine seasons on CBS, The Waltons was a part of a weekly tradition for television viewers. It was a staple of Thursday nights for so long that many were a little lost when it finally went off the air in 1981. Based on the Spencer’s Mountain book by Earl Hamner Jr.

Is The Dragonfly Inn The Waltons house?

The Waltons (1972-1981) was a wholesome family drama TV series about the Walton family in rural Virginia, and their experiences living through the Great Depression and World War II. Both shows were filmed at Warner Brothers studio, and the set for the Waltons ‘ house was used for The Dragonfly inn in Gilmore Girls.

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Who has died from the Waltons?

Henry Fonda (Clay Spencer) 1982 at age 77 of Heart failure and prostate cancer in LA. Victor French (Spencer Brother) 1989 at age 54 of Lung Cancer in Sherman Oaks, Ca. Virginia Gregg (Miss Parker) 1986 age 70 of Cancer in Encino, CA. Hayden Rorke (Colonel Coleman) 1987 age 76 of Cancer in Toluca Lake, CA.

Is Boatwright University Real?

Boatwright University was the fictional alma mater of John-Boy Walton. The college John Boy Walton attended, Boatwright University, is based on Richmond College.” Also, if you go to http://www.richmond.edu/about/history/, you will find out why Earl Hamner may have used the name ” Boatwright ” for the name of his college.

Who owns Walton’s Mountain?

‘ It is one thing to visit it, but another to actually own it. “It’s a dream come true,” said Ray Castro, co- owner. Castro is a long-time friend of Hamner’s and a big fan of ‘The Waltons.

What did they say at the end of the Waltons?

“Good night, John-Boy.”

Who was the baby on the Waltons?

Elizabeth Tyler Walton Elizabeth (Kami Cotler) is the youngest child of John and Olivia Walton. She was born in fall 1927 and age 6 when the series began.

Was Ralph Waite fired from the Waltons?

Ralph Waite was fired from his role on due to budgetary issues. The show had become more expensive as Waite aged, usually at the same time the ratings start to decline.

Did Kurt really die on the Waltons?

Curtis Willard in the 1977 season, and they had a baby. Then Curt was killed at Pearl Harbor in the 1978 season, and Mary Ellen found new love with Arlington Wescott “Jonesy” Jones (Richard Gililand) while taking premed courses.

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