Quick Answer: Where Is Slemish Mountain?

How far is slemish from Belfast?

Slemish mountiain sits almost dead-centre in the middle of County Antrim – about halfway between Ballymena and Larne on the coast ‘as the crow flies’. It’ll take you around 40 minutes to get there from Belfast and 1 hour 15 minutes from Derry~L’Derry.

How long does it take to walk up Slemish Mountain?

The 1.5 kilometre round walk to the summit and back takes approximately one hour in good weather.

Will slemish erupt again?

Many tourists still come from all over the world to see this wonderful mountain and some will even attempt to climb it. Slemish used to be a volcano, but that was a long time ago and it hasn’t erupted yet. I think it closed over hundreds of years ago so it’s completely dormant.

Why is Slemish mountain famous?

Slemish Mountain is the legendary first known Irish home of Saint Patrick. The legend goes that his own real conversion took place while on Slemish out in all weathers, communing with nature and praying continuously. As Patrick was not the first Christian Bishop to visit Ireland, his ministry was confined to the North.

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Is Slemish mountain hard to climb?

Slemish mountain is a steep prominence with an odd shape that unerringly grabs the eye and is now the focal point of an annual St Patrick’s Day pilgrimage. Unlike a Kerry hill, where an ascent that appears like an hour invariably takes two, Slemish relents with surprising ease.

Where do you park to climb slemish?

Climbing Slemish – Tips & Know How

  • Takes about 40 minutes to ascend and descend from the car park.
  • Location – BT42 4PE (for your Sat Nav).
  • Facilities – A free car park with a locked disabled toilet.
  • Accessibility – the ascent takes about 15-20 minutes but it is steep and the paths are narrow and slippy.

How do I get to Glenariff Forest Park?

You can enter the forest by car, on foot or by bicycle from the A43 Glenariff Road. Ulsterbus service number 150 operating to and from Ballymena (Monday to Saturday only) stops at the front entrance gate.

Can you camp on Slemish?

After throwing some options around we made our minds up on Slemish because of it’s ease of access and it’s short climb with rewarding views.

Where did St Patrick herd sheep?

At the age of 16 in 403 AD Patrick was captured and enslaved by the Irish and was sent to Ireland to serve as a slave herding and tending sheep in Dalriada. During his time in captivity Patrick became fluent in the Irish language and culture.

How was Slemish mountain formed?

Slemish is a volcanic plug, formed when magma forced its way out of the earth’s crust and solidified into rock. Over the millennia the surrounding softer rock eroded away, but the harder volcanic rock remained, and now stands proudly above the landscape.

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In what year is it thought that Patrick landed near Saul in County Down?

The villages lies to the east of Downpatrick and has strong links with Saint Patrick. It is claimed that when Saint Patrick arrived in Ireland in 432, strong currents swept his boat through the Strangford Lough tidal narrows and he landed where the Slaney River flows into the lough.

Where is the Antrim plateau?

The Antrim Hills, or the Antrim Plateau are part of a broad band of basalt that stretches across Co. Antrim. Rising to 360m, this upland area descends steeply to form the nine glens of Antrim. This is the Garron Plateau and is one of the last untouched wild areas in Northern Ireland.

How and when did Saint Patrick die?

Some contend that he died as late as 493 AD when he was more than 100 years old. Most, however, accept that he died in 461 at an extremely healthy age of 76. It’s generally accepted that Saint Patrick died – and was buried – in Downpatrick near Belfast.

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