Quick Answer: How Wide Mountain Bike Handlebars?

How wide should mountain bike handle bars be?

Stem length also comes into play; typically, the longer your stem, the narrower you may want your bar width. This helps your body stay centered over the bike. If you’re running a stem that is 50 mm or less I’d suggest a 760 mm to 800 mm bar. If your stem is over 50mm, I’d start looking at bars less than 760mm wide.

What width should my handlebars be?

Handlebar width can have an impact on your aerodynamic drag, too. In general terms, narrower = faster. If you’re currently riding 44cm bars and would like a little free speed, consider moving to 42cm or 40cm bars, for example.

Are my MTB handlebars too wide?

If the bars paired with that stem are too wide, the steering will feel even slower, you will be bent over too much at the hips, and a strong riding position will be compromised. Narrower bars are used in this case to keep your chest open even when leaning forward in a climbing position.

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What width handlebars do the pros use?

Some sprinters like Dehaes often use narrower bars, but in the 38-40cm range. Most riders have 40-42cm bars in the pro peloton.

Is 800mm handlebar too wide?

But handlebars can also be too wide. The widest production ‘bars reach over 800mm and there is a very limited market for them. Even the most committed gravity riders and downhill daredevils can’t find use for a handlebar that much greater than 800mm in width, unless they are exceptionally tall or broad shouldered.

Are my handlebars too wide?

Notice the high elbows and shrugged shoulders? If you are most comfortable on your bars in this position, it’s quite possible they are too wide. Optimal shoulder mechanics will be present with a more externally rotated humerus (elbows down slightly).

Should the saddle be higher than the handlebars?

As a general rule of thumb, you want the top of the handlebar about as high (or higher than ) the saddle, unless you’re a sporty rider looking to ride fast. Try touching your elbow to the nose of the saddle and reaching forward towards the handlebar with your hand.

How do I know what size handlebars to get my bike?

If you don’t have callipers then you can use a simple measure tape. Just wrap around the bar at the point you want to attach the Oi to get the circumference size and then divide by pi (…. mmm) to get your diameter e.g. 99.9mm / = 31.8mm. If you have no tape, then use a piece of paper (or string).

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Why are 29er handlebars so wide?

The main feature of a wider bar is the increased leverage it gives riders. This means steering inputs require less force, but you need greater movement when driving. It also makes it easier to resist trail feedback.

Are wider handlebars more comfortable?

Wide handlebars also have their place, and some riders and bikes are better with them. If your handlebars are too narrow, your shoulders feel strained when riding in this position. Bars that are wider than your shoulders feel more natural if you ride with your elbows locked.

How wide should my hybrid handlebars be?

On hybrids and flat-bar road bikes (“fitness” bikes), comfort is usually the overriding concern, so these typically come with very wide handlebars of about 56cm to 70cm. Mountain bikers who still have a preference for narrower bars might use something in the range of 54cm or 55cm.

Are wider road handlebars better?

A wider grip improves stability, but too wide can focus stress on your shoulders and neck. If you’re switching to a significantly wider bar, consider adjusting the bar reach and/or stem length to keep your position from getting too stretched out.

Are wider drop bars better?

There’s a lot to love about this trend. For one, wider means even more leverage and control. Wider drop – bars also allow more room for mounting accessories, and create more packing space between the drops for handlebar bags—a big reason why standard width bars are limiting for bikepacking.

Are narrow handlebars better?

In all likelihood you could benefit from downsizing your handlebar width, to improve comfort with a better fit. Narrower handlebars are also more aerodynamic. They help to reduce the frontal area of your torso, so reduce wind resistance (think of the TT position).

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