Quick Answer: How To Get Off Death Mountain In Dark World?

How do you get out of the dark world in Zelda?

Of course the only way to get down there is to leave the dark world, where the blip no longer appears. Go to light world, then go to the castle in the middle of the map. Once you cross the gate, you go to dark world again.

How do you get to the top of Death Mountain in A Link to the Past?

From just outside the Sanctuary, head left one screen and up one screen. Near the top portion of this screen, Link can read a sign that says not to enter Death Mountain. Just to the right of this sign, Link can lift up a large rock and enter the cave, which happens to lead to Death Mountain.

How do I get from light world to dark world?

A Link to the Past features eight Warp Tiles and one warp gate across Hyrule. After completing Hyrule Castle Tower and defeating Agahnim, Link will be transported to the Dark World. From this point on, these nine warps will allow Link to immediately travel from the Light World to the Dark World.

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How do I get back into the dark world link to the past?

Yes, make your way back to the hyrule castle and walk through the main gates, that will transport you to dark world. You will also find 8 or so other warp points hidden thoughout the world.

Where is the hammer in Zelda?

Main appearance(s) The Adventure of Link A Link to the Past Four Swords Adventures Phantom Hourglass A Link Between Worlds Tri Force Heroes
Other appearance(s) Zelda’s Adventure Ancient Stone Tablets Hyrule Warriors
Location(s) Death Mountain (TAoL) Palace of Darkness (ALttP) Mutoh’s Temple (PH) Ravio’s Shop (ALBW)


How do I get out of Death Mountain?

In the Light World, just before you have to climb the long ladder, there’s a cave to the left that is a way off the mountain. Dark World, just warp to the Light World and either call the bird or use the above metioned exit.

How do I kill Moldorm?

In order to defeat Moldorm, Link must hit Moldorm’s tail six times with his sword. However, if Link falls down any of the pits, he will have to climb back up and start the battle over again. This boss preys on Link’s annoyance factor by trying to send him off the edge causing the battle to start over.

How do I get to Kakariko village in the dark world?

Accepted Answer. Go to Kakariko village, go up the path on the far left, go into the lost woods, follow the path to the right, and exit the lost woods. Go down to the fence with the pegs that you can hit with the hammer from the 1st dark world dungeon, hit it, then lift the rock that has a portal under it.

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How do I get to the Lost Woods in the dark world?

To get there, go to the Lost Woods in the Light World and head all the way west, then south. You’ll come out of the woods near some wooden stakes. Pound down the stakes with your Hammer, and lift up the small green rock on the other side to find a warp back to the Dark World. Take the warp and go north.

Where are the dark world portals in Zelda?

As well as a little information and what items you’ll require to access the portals.

  • Dark World First Portal – Near Tower of Hera.
  • Dark World Fifth Portal – South of Eastern Palace.
  • Dark World Sixth Portal – Lake Hylia.
  • Dark World Ninth Portal – Turtle Rock on Death Mountain.

Why can’t I use the magic mirror?

you cant use the mirror in the light world to go to the dark, if the “glitter” is gone there is two ways to go to the dark world 1. go through the castle (go up to the bridge north from your house) and go through the covered place. 2. go through a portal, theyre blue and usually under a black rock.

How do I get to the first dark world dungeon?

Walk to the northeast corner of this region with Kiki the Monkey following you. There is a large entrance that is locked. If you walk up to it, Kiki will offer to open the entrance in exchange for 100 rupees. Agree to do so and then enter the first dungeon of the Dark World, the Dark Palace.

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