Question: When Does The New Mountain Dew Come Out?

What’s the new Mountain Dew flavor coming out?

Mtn Dew Major Melon will give soda fans a watermelon flavor, and will also be available with zero sugar. “Watermelon is a truly transportive taste, evoking feelings of freedom and nostalgia,” says Nicole Portwood, vice president of marketing at Mtn Dew.

What is the rarest Mountain Dew flavor?

Mountain Dew Violet – From Japan! Rare Mountain Dew flavors don’t come to Japan so often. But, FYE has managed to procure some of this uber- rare product! The Violet version has delicious grape flavor and contains vegetable and elderberry juice to give it a unique taste.

Is major melon here to stay?

Mountain Dew has added a number of flavors to its lineup over the years, and it looks like its latest addition will be here to stay. The brand’s Major Melon soda is set to be officially introduced in January 2021, and the new flavor will be a permanent offering.

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Is there a new Mountain Dew?

PepsiCo unveils new line of Mountain Dew energy drinks with Lebron James’ endorsement. PepsiCo is launching a new line of energy drinks called Mtn Dew Rise Energy as the company doubles down on its bet on the category.

Is Baja blast coming back in 2020?

2020 Limited-Time Store Release On October 30, 2019, it was confirmed by a Pepsi Employee on the Dew Drinker Discord that Baja Blast and its Zero Sugar variant would hit store shelves on March 23, 2020, for a 10-week span.

Why is Mountain Dew banned?

The claim: Mountain Dew for years included a dangerous chemical that’s also used as flame retardant. “BVO is a toxic chemical that is banned in many countries because it competes with iodine for receptor sites in the body, which can lead to hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease and cancer,” Clark’s post states.

How bad is Mt Dew for you?

However, Mountain Dew is the worst type of soda that you can drink. Dentists stated that this beverage causes the teeth to decay at an astonishing rate. In fact, soda can be just as damaging to the teeth as meth2. The sugar content is the main factor that makes Mountain Dew worse than other sodas.

Is Mt Dew zero being discontinued?

While Mtn Dew Zero Sugar has not been nationally discontinued, local availability of our products can vary.

Why does Mountain Dew taste different?

Mountain Dew contains some weird ingredients Part of what gives Mountain Dew its tangy flavor is the addition of concentrated orange juice. According to MEL Magazine, concentrated OJ has been filtered to remove all the water, resulting in a juice that’s seven times more concentrated than the original.

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Is major melon a permanent flavor?

Major Melon is a Mountain Dew flavor that officially released in stores on January 4th, 2021 as a permanent flavor in the United States.

Is major melon Mountain Dew Limited Edition?

Mountain Dew Major Melon is the first new permanent flavor from the brand in over a decade. Mountain Dew Major Melon is here, and it’s so very pink. While the brand did release a limited – edition Spark variety in August 2020 that was also pink, this is the first permanent pink flavor addition.

Is Mountain Dew Baja Blast coming back in 2021?

Mountain has released its newest flavor of 2021: Major Melon, and according to MSN, Mountain Dew will also be releasing two additional flavors, Baja Flash and Baja Punch. Major Melon, the watermelon flavored Mountain Dew, is available in select stores in both original and zero sugar.

Why is Mountain Dew banned in the UK?

As if that wasn’t scary enough, BVO’s main ingredient, bromine, is considered a toxic chemical. It’s been linked to all kind of health concerns, including organ system damage, birth defects, schizophrenia and hearing loss, which explains why it’s been removed or banned from food and drinks in more than 100 countries.

Is there a Diet Mt Dew shortage?

There isn’t a shortage of Diet Mountain Dew, but there MAY be shortage of Diet Mountain Dew Cans. This is the result of overwhelming aluminum can demand because of COVID. You can probably find Diet Dew in plastic bottles, but it may be hit and miss on cans for next few weeks/months.

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What happened to Mountain Dew Pitch Black?

As of April 13th, 2019, it was confirmed by Speedway’s social networking team that Pitch Black got replaced by Cyclone as the new exclusive Dew flavor.

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