Question: Undertale Why Did Frisk Climb The Mountain?

Why did Chara go to Mt Ebott?

i’m here to propose a different idea: chara didn’t want to die; they climbed mt. ebott in search of hope.

How did frisk fall into the underground?

Frisk was flying in a parachute. But suddenly, when she decides to reach out her hand to touch a fluffy cloud, Frisk suddenly fell out of the parachute basket and fell into the Underground. She played this game called undertale.

Is there a real MT Ebott?

Mount Ebott. Mount Ebott is a mountain that is located within Gravity Falls and is widely regarded as the largest mountain in all of Oregon.

How old is Frisk from Undertale?

Frisk is 8-16 because he perfecly knows how to use a knife and he has the IQ level of a kid of that age. Papyrus is 13-18 because he’s so inmature and someone who is older than 18 years Is too much mature.

Why did Chara kill herself?

They were adopted into the dreemurr family and loved their life with monsters. After Chara and Asriel used buttercups instead of cups of butter in a butterscotch pie they made for Asgore that poisoned him. So Chara DID commit suicide so they could free monster kind.

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Why is Chara’s coffin empty?

The first human’s coffin is empty because Toriel took their body with her to the Ruins. Toriel buried them under the flowerbed that the protagonist initially falls on at the beginning of their journey through the Underground.

Why is frisk yellow?

Frisk has yellow skin because they don’t have a defined race, like a smiley, emoji or a lego mini-figure. No matter what color your skin is, your age, your gender, your religion, your language, you can relate to Frisk.

Who does frisk have a crush on?

Lapis Mirror is here! WELL, that is certainly one way to spell it out (also Frisk you damn furry)!

Is frisk evil than Chara?

of course frisk is an innocent angel, and of course chara is a pure evil demon i mean, it’s not like frisk was the one who did genocide. and it’s not like chara specifically stated that frisk was the one who led the world to it’s destruction.

Is Undertale real in real life?

Yes, Undertale is real. But there are many fan games that look similar to the original, so many people can be confused if undertale is in fact real or not. But as an avid player of this well made game made the man himself, Toby Fox, you may play the original on steam. But nothing IN the game is real.

Is the Undertale fandom dead?

The Undertale fandom isn’t dead, don’t worry! A lot of the popular posts about it on tumblr are old, yes, but there are plenty of active blogs as well! If you’re into art, there are a lot of active blogs for that as well!

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Is frisk a girl or boy?

Technically, Frisk does not have a gender. In the game, they are referred as “Dude” by monster kid and before the true pacifist ending, “they”. So there isn’t any gender for them.

Can Frisk date Sans?

No. While you technically go on a “ date ” with Sans, like you do Papyrus and Undyne, Sans is not dateable. Besides, Frisk, the main character is a child, and Sans is an adult.

Can you do pacifist if you kill Flowey?

Killing Flowey at the end does not count against your Pacifist playthrough.

Is frisk mute?

Is Frisk mute? No. Frisk speaks to Toriel, Papyrus, and Undyne over their phone, which is too old to even have texting support before Alphys’ upgrade. The above dialogue is seen after the third call to Toriel, using the “Say Hello” option.

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