Question: How To Tune Up Trek Mountain Bike?

How much does a Trek bike tune up cost?

General Maintenance
Single Speed Tune – Up W/Coaster Brake (Hand Brake +$20) $30
Box Bike for Shipping (Box Included) $50
Assembled Boxed Bike ( Price Varies on Bike Type $30-$250
Install Roof Rack (Appt. Only, No Weekend) $50


What does a bike tune up include?

Your bike will be cleaned from top to bottom. The chain, chainrings, freewheel, derailleurs, brakes and rims will be thoroughly degreased and dried, or replaced with new parts as needed after the bike is clean. The chain and other key parts of the drivetrain will be treated with a high-quality lubricant.

How often should I service my Trek bike?

25-hour Service We recommend running your bike through these simple procedures every 25 hours of ride time or as you feel they are needed. If you are wary of doing any of these at home, a Service Technician at your local Trek store would be happy to assist you.

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How often should I get my mountain bike tuned up?

Higher Ground recommends riders do at least one tune – up a year, and potentially two or more tune -ups a year, depending on how often the bike is ridden and the types of trails encountered.

How often should you service a bicycle?

After this initial service, we recommend a major service each 12 months with a minor check up at each change of season. It’s a reasonable guideline, but it really does depend on how much you ride, and what kinds of conditions you ‘re riding in. Heavy use, rain, mud and dust all mean more frequent servicing.

How do you maintain a Trek bike?

Clean your bike with bike wash, a rag, and stiff plastic brush and inspect frame/components for cracks and wear. (Only clean with soap and water if you have to.) Thoroughly clean frame and drivetrain, polish and protect frame with Trek Store silicon bike polish. Inspect for frame cracks or damage.

Does trek repair?

100-hour Service Every bolt, every bearing, every part. We’ll start by stripping your bike to the bare frame for a deep clean and inspection, then we’ll repack and rebuild it. If it’s been a while, or you want to make it run just like new, this one’s for you.

Will trek repaint my bike?

So the Trek warranty allows them to replace parts of the bike with any part / any color they choose. They offer a repaint as part of the warranty but I am going to get charged labor by the LBS? Yet, all warranty’s need to go through an LBS. Sometimes I wish I was rich enough to have a lawyer on retainer.

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Are bike tune ups worth it?

Properly maintaining your bike is absolutely worth it. $65 is a fair price if you don’t want to learn to do it yourself. I’m a DIY guy for most of this, but I still pay about the same price for my local LBS to do this tuneup at the start of every season. It’s definitely worth it.

How much should I pay for a bike tune up?

Depending on your area, the average bike tune – up costs anywhere between $60 and $100. Most shops offer two options – A Minor/Basic Tune – up that costs $55 to $89 and a Major Tune – up that typically costs between $119 and $150. Cost often depends on the services included in the tune – up.

How much is a basic bike tune up?

A basic bike tune – up costs $60-$80, while a standard tune – up costs $100-$160. These services include adjusting the brakes, drivetrain and gears, truing wheels, cleaning, lubricating, and more. A complete overhaul costs cost $150-$250+.

Do Trek bikes rust?

Should the rusty chain on my trek bicycle be replaced? If it is a light surface rust, perhaps formed after a wet ride or if bike has been left outside, then no. Rust of this type can be brushed off with a steel brush. A quick brush and very importantly some lubrication will solve the problem.

How do I take care of my bike?

Top 5 (DIY) bicycle maintenance tips for beginners

  1. 1.) Keep the drivetrain clean and lubricated, you save loads of money.
  2. 2.) Keep your tires inflated!
  3. 3.) Keep the nuts and bolts tight, but don’t overtighten them.
  4. 4.) Make sure your brakes are adjusted correctly, check and change brake pads if necessary.
  5. 5.) Learn how to fix a flat tube.
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How often should you tune up your road bike?

No matter how often you ride you should give your bike a tune – up at least once a year. Today we ‘ll learn how to tune up your bike, which I’d recommend doing at least once a year, or even every few months if you ride every day.

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