Question: Blue Mountain Arts Cards Where To Buy?

Is Blue Mountain Arts legit?

Researching Blue Mountain Arts Online I actually found out that this company has certainly established themselves as a reputable service online. I have also found quite a few posts where people have asked about them.

Are Blue Mountain ecards free?

As a member you will have unlimited access to the funniest, most entertaining, interactive, and customized ecards that you cannot find anywhere else. First time members can try today, free for 7 days!

Where can I buy inexpensive greeting cards?

  • Yard and garage sales. Lots of people see a clever or thoughtful card while shopping and snag it in advance for special occasions.
  • Trader Joe’s. You can buy the best inexpensive greeting cards at Trader Joe’s for 99 cents each.
  • Dollar Tree.
  • Value sections.
  • Buy in Bulk.
  • Going out of business sales.

What is the best ecard site?

These were my very favorites:

  1. Smilebox. Smilebox is clean, easy to navigate, and perfect for incorporating family photos.
  2. Just Wink. Just Wink offers simple, modern ecards with lots of class and none of the fuss.
  3. Some Ecards. Tons of (hilarious) options to choose from.
  4. Paperless Post.
  5. Punchbowl.
  6. Katie’s Cards.
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How much does Blue Mountain cards pay?

Attractive Pay If your work is accepted, Blue Mountain Arts become the owner of the content. However, they will pay you $300 for the first poem they purchase; $400 for the second; $500 for the third; $600 for the fourth; $700 for the fifth, and so on.

How much does Blue Mountain Arts pay?

Blue Mountain Arts is an established publisher of greeting cards. They pay $300 for exclusive worldwide rights to use poetry in greeting cards and other products.

Are eCards really free? is a free service that allows you to send and receive greetings cards and invitations electronically for all occasions. Some eCards are Flash-based while others are simply photos with a message attached. All eCards sent using are advertisement- free.

Is it safe to send free eCards?

Having said that, most ecards you receive from friends are safe and easy to use. However, since there are quite a few ecard scams going around right now, we want to help you make sure you don’t become an ecard scam victim.

Are Jacquie Lawson eCards free?

A modest annual membership fee allows you to send our entire range of ecards, as often as you like, to as many people as you like, for the duration of your membership. A touch of class Your friends and family will love the artistry and humour of Jacquie Lawson ecards.

Where can I buy greeting cards?

Even better, sending greeting cards is an easy way to support the USPS and make sure that there is always have a medium to send handwritten notes. 10 Places to Buy Quirky and Thoughtful Greeting Cards Online

  • Etsy.
  • Society6.
  • Under the Sunlight.
  • Rifle Paper Co.
  • Urban Outfitters.
  • Minted.
  • Papier.
  • Effie’s Paper.
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Does Walmart sell big cards?

Jumbo Greeting Cards: Giant Retirement Card (To Do List), 2′ x 3′ Card with Envelope – –

How can I save money on greeting cards?

Ten Ways to Save Money on Greeting Cards

  1. Watch for coupons and sales.
  2. Shop at discount stores.
  3. Don’t forget dollar stores.
  4. Consider boxed assortments.
  5. Order paper cards online.
  6. Make your own cards.
  7. Try electronic cards.
  8. Make your own electronic cards.

Do eCards cost money?

2) Does it cost money to send eCards? No. All digital eCards are completely free to send via Facebook and email.

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