Often asked: Where To Buy Mountain King Christmas Trees?

Who sells the best artificial Christmas trees?

The Best Artificial Christmas Tree

  • Our pick. National Tree Company 7.5-foot Feel Real Downswept Douglas Fir (PEDD1-D12-75)
  • Upgrade pick. Balsam Hill 7.5-foot Vermont White Spruce Flip Tree Color + Clear LED.
  • Upgrade pick. Balsam Hill 7.5-foot Nordmann Fir Color + Clear LED.
  • Budget pick. Home Accents Holiday 7.5-foot Unlit Dunhill Fir.
  • Also great.
  • Also great.

What is the best fresh Christmas tree to buy?

  1. The Douglas fir is one of the most common Christmas tree types sold in the US.
  2. The balsam fir boasts a symmetrical shape and fresh scent—one often used in seasonal candles.
  3. Fraser fir is another tree that smells like Christmas.
  4. Scotch pine will keep its needles, even after becoming dry.

Are Balsam Hill Christmas trees sold in stores?

This season, experience the stunning realism and meticulous craftsmanship of Balsam Hill artificial Christmas trees firsthand at Nordstrom. Order in- store and your tree ships to your home for free.

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Who makes Mountain King Christmas trees?

Mountain King Christmas tree measures 28″ in diameter. Mountain King Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree:

Color White
Brand General Foam Plastics
Manufacturer General Foam Christmas

Why are artificial Christmas trees so expensive?

One of the reasons why Christmas trees are so expensive this year is because of a boom in sales from millennials, who are settling down, having kids, and starting families. “Some Christmas tree growers have fewer trees to sell this year than they wish they had.

Do Balsam Hill trees ever have sales?

When should I buy a Balsam Hill Christmas Tree? Christmas in July is indeed the best time of the year to go shopping for your artificial Christmas tree and decorations. It’s that time to make the most out of our mid-year sale and catch amazing deals on best-selling products.

Are real Christmas trees better than artificial?

According to a life cycle assessment of the comparative environmental impacts of both real and fake Christmas trees, the WAP Sustainability Consulting company concluded that “one real Christmas tree generates fewer environmental impacts than one artificial tree.” However, a fake Christmas tree can have a smaller

What Christmas trees last the longest?

Great for strength: The strongest branch award goes to the Noble Fir. It’s strong, stiff branches will hold up even the heaviest of ornaments. Longest lasting: The longest -lasting tree (if you take care of it!) is the Fraser Fir.

What Christmas tree sheds the least?

Nordmann Fir has sparseattractive, with ¾ – 1½ inch long needles that are not sharp, and do not drop easily when the tree dries out after cutting. This tree is a popular species grown in Europe for Christmas trees. White fir is a popular Christmas tree due to its soft needles and its excellent needle retention.

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What is the most popular Balsam Hill tree?

The Balsam Fir is one of the best types of Christmas trees out there. It has an iconic pyramidal shape with short, flat, and very aromatic needles that keep well. The tree’s rich dark green color creates the perfect backdrop for decorations and its branches are able to hold light ornaments.

Does Hallmark own Balsam Hill?

The company has partnered with Balsam Hill and Toyota for the Hallmark Channel’s Holiday Home Decoration Sweepstakes, which begins today. Balsam Hill, on the other hand, is a privately owned, much smaller company.

Are Balsam Hill trees worth it?

Overall, my choice would definitely be the Balsam Hill tree. The amount of lights and branch tips, the fullness and the incredible realness of the tree all made a difference—and then seeing them side-by-side really sealed the deal.

How long do king of Christmas trees last?

Our lights are warm white LED lights, with a life expectancy of 25,000 hours.

Where is King of Christmas located?

King Of Christmas

Type Private
Founded 2012
Headquarters Mountain Top, Pennsylvania, United States
Products Artificial Christmas trees, Christmas Wreaths and Garlands, Christmas Ornaments
Website kingofchristmas.com

Who owns King of Christmas?

Sol Lakein – Chief Brand Officer – King Of Christmas | LinkedIn.

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