Often asked: Where Is Topaz Mountain In Utah?

What city is Topaz Mountain Utah in?

Juab County, Utah, U.S. Topaz Mountain is a summit in the Thomas Range of Utah, east of the Thomas caldera. The summit and surrounding area are known for their abundances of semiprecious minerals including topaz, red beryl and opal.

How do you find topaz at Topaz Mountain?

Topaz Mountain is one of the world’s great places to find topaz. If you search the washes and slopes on the south side of the mountain you will find small topaz crystals glimmering in the sunlight. If you search seams in the rhyolite, you may find gem-quality crystals.

How much does Topaz Mountain cost?

Prices start at $30 for a half-day prospecting pass. For a more intensive experience, it costs $99 to attend a blast with a guide and spend the day searching for topaz in the freshly exposed rock. There are also private group options available.

Where can I dig for gems in Utah?

Rock Hounding & Treasure Digging in Utah

  • Lost Rhoads Mine. The seven sacred gold caverns hidden in the Uintah mountains are Utah’s most famous treasure story.
  • Topaz Mountain. Topaz is Utah’s state gem, and for good reason.
  • Dugway Geode Beds.
  • U- Dig Fossils.
  • Collectors Organizations.
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What gemstones are found in Utah?

The semiprecious gemstones and ornamental stones found in Utah include: azurite and malachite; beryl (aquamarine and morganite); garnet (pyrope and spessartite); jet; labradorite; obsidian; onyx (chalcedony and marble); opal, quartz (agate, jasper, and chalcedony); rhyolite (“wonderstone”); scheelite; topaz; and

What rock is topaz found in?

Topaz is commonly associated with silicic igneous rocks of the granite and rhyolite type. It typically crystallizes in granitic pegmatites or in vapor cavities in rhyolite lava flows including those at Topaz Mountain in western Utah and Chivinar in South America.

Where can you rockhound in Utah?

Where To Go Rockhounding In Utah

  • Dugway Geode Beds – Southeast of Salt Lake City, within the diverse mineral laden lands of central Utah, the Dugway Geode Beds are a popular stop for rockhounds from all over the world.
  • Vernon Hills Wonderstone –
  • Topaz Mountain-
  • U-Dig Fossils Trilobites –
  • Birdseye Marble Quarry-

How much is a topaz worth?

In contrast, precious topaz (a.k.a. ‘imperial’ topaz ) in rich orange colors fetches prices in excess of $1000/ct. for large (10 ct. +) sizes. The most valuable topaz is a rich pink or red color, and can reach $3500/ct.

Is Topaz Mountain Open to the public?

Topaz Mountain Adventures offers individual and family prospector passes, public basting tours, and a private blasting tour. For those who wish not to pay, most of the “ Topaz Bowl” is still open to public collecting.

How do I find topaz?

Where to collect: Single colorless topaz crystals can be found in the washes around Topaz Mountain. Crystals are usually less than an inch long. Larger amber crystals or clusters of topaz and other minerals can be found by breaking open the white rhyolite to find cavities.

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Can you drive a car to Topaz Mountain?

You can drive up, hop out of the car, get a tutorial from Ronda, and start finding great topaz crystals. You can also dig through the scree at the blast site for loose crystals freed by blasting — I found some great loose ones here, and they still had good color because the regular blasting exposes fresh material.

What do you do at Topaz Mountain?

Recreational Mining and Prospecting Tours, Wide Open Spaces, small groups. Topaz Mountain Adventures offers a hands on mining and prospecting experiences for Utah Topaz, Bixbyite, and other minerals. This unique vacation experience is for the young and old, the inexperienced and the avid rockhound.

What do you do with Topaz?

The most common use for topaz is as a gemstone in jewelry. Topaz is a a hard gemstone, but this hardness also increases its tendency to break. Because of this, topaz is typically used for jewelry that will not be knocked around or come in contact with hard surfaces.

Where can you find geodes in Utah?

Dugway Geode Beds is the most popular area to hunt for geodes in Utah, and it’s a strong contender for the best geode hunting spot in the entire United States. This famous area is a 2.5-hour drive from Salt Lake City, making it easily accessible to locals and visitors.

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