Often asked: Where Is The Granite Mountain Hotshots Juniper Tree?

Where is the tree from only the brave?

The Champion Tree is in a drainage at 6,000 feet elevation on the edge of the Granite Mountain Wilderness, close to the city of Prescott. “If you look up off to your right, you’ll see the big cliffs that people like to climb and Peregrine falcons like to nest there.

What tree did the Granite Mountain Hotshots save?

Granite Mountain Hotshots at the alligator juniper they saved during the Doce Fire. The tree is believed to be the world’s oldest and largest alligator juniper.

How do I get to the old juniper tree?

The trail to reach the Giant Alligator Juniper is 4.7 miles long and considered moderately difficult. To access it from Prescott, head west on Iron Springs Road, then take a right on Contreras. Keep driving for about 0.7 miles until you reach a parking area.

Where is the world’s largest alligator juniper tree?

A massive alligator juniper tree near Prescott is believed to be the largest and oldest of its kind in the world. It’s survived hundreds, possibly thousands of years of fire and drought. Forester Ben De Blois says the tree’s unique growth pattern makes it hard to tell just how old.

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Is Brendan McDonough still a firefighter?

The lone survivor of the fire crew that battled the Yarnell Fire 7 years ago, Brendan McDonough says he’s found new hope through God. PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) — Brendan McDonough has faced many battles, starting even before 19 of his firefighting brothers lost their lives, in a battle only McDonough survived.

Could the Granite Mountain Hotshots have survived?

YARNELL — Lee and Diane Helm own a ranch 600 yards from where 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots died in the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30, 2013. The couple hunkered down inside their house as flames raced over that day. But their home, with its metal roof and stucco walls, survived unscathed.

What actually killed the Granite Mountain Hotshots?

The Yarnell Hill Fire was a wildfire near Yarnell, Arizona, ignited by dry lightning on June 28, 2013. On June 30, it overran and killed 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

How true is only the brave movie?

A new film called Only The Brave is based on the true story of the 19 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots who battled, and ultimately lost their lives, in Arizona’s Yarnell Hill Fire during late June of 2013.

What is the largest tree in Arizona?


Nr Tree species Height
1 Populus fremontii (Fremont cottonwood) 17.44 m
2 Juniperus deppeana (Alligator juniper) 12.65 m

How do you kill a juniper tree?

Ashe junipers of any size can be killed by cutting at or slightly above the soil surface with an ax, chain saw, or hand-pruning shears. Redberry juniper seedlings and saplings can also be killed if cut at the soil surface, as long as the “bud zone” (a swollen “bulb” on the basal stem) is still above the soil surface.

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How old is the Jardine Juniper tree?

The Jardine Juniper tree of northern Utah’s Logan Canyon is nothing if not long-lived. The tree was once thought to be more than 3,000 years old, but current measurements estimate that it’s probably closer to 1,500 years old — still older than most civilizations that currently exist on our planet.

Where can I find alligator juniper in Arizona?

Alligator juniper is native throughout the West and Southwest. Typically, it grows from 20 to 30 feet tall. The Prescott National Forest lays claim to the largest measured alligator juniper, which is 46 feet tall and is 27 feet, 4 inches around.

What is Granite Mountain Hotshots?

On June 30, 2013, Nineteen of the 20 members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an elite crew trained to fight wilderness fires, died as they battled a fire outside of Yarnell. The Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park is dedicated to their sacrifice.

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