Often asked: Where Is Mountain Lake Mn?

What county is Mountain Lake MN in?

Located in southwestern Minnesota, along the vital Highway 60 corridor that links Minneapolis/St. Paul to Sioux Falls and Omaha, Mountain Lake has population of 2104 and serves eastern Cottonwood and western Watonwan Counties.

How did Mountain Lake MN get its name?

The name ” Mountain Lake ” is usually attributed to early settler William Mason. The city’s official website recalls, “the first white settler to the area, William Mason, found a shallow 900-acre lake with three islands. However, Mason insisted that the village being platted be named ” Mountain Lake “.

How does Minnesota define a lake?

A lake may be defined as an enclosed basin filled or partly filled with water. Generally, a lake is an area of open, relatively deep water that is large enough to produce a wave-swept shore. For regulatory purposes, Minnesota has grouped its waters into two categories: public waters and public water wetlands.

Are there any Mennonites in Minnesota?

Since its founding in 1974, the Harmony-area Amish community has grown to become the largest Amish population in Minnesota. The Amish who live in the countryside of Harmony and Canton belong to the most conservative Amish group, called the Old Order Amish.

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Are there Mennonites in Minnesota?

They found such a place, where they could follow their faith without persecution, in Minnesota’s Cottonwood County. To escape persecution, the original Mennonites immigrated from Western Europe to Prussia in the 1600s. From there, they moved to Russia in the 1700s.

What is the deepest lake in Minnesota?

Portsmouth Mine Pit Lake, sometimes called the Portsmouth Pit, is the deepest lake completely within the state of Minnesota, USA. It has a depth of over 450 feet (137 m), according to the most recent Minnesota DNR data. Lake Superior, over 700 feet deep off the north shore of the state, is technically deeper.

What is the most popular lake name in Minnesota?

“Long” Lake – 27 “Long” lake takes the cake for the most common name for a body of water in Minnesota.

What is the clearest lake in Minnesota?

Look closely as you paddle, and you’ll quickly see why Caribou Lake is considered the clearest lake in Minnesota. You can see down to 40 feet below the surface!

How many Amish live in Minnesota?

Statistics of states

State 1992 % of the total U.S. Amish population
Kentucky 2,625 3.94%
Iowa 3,525 2.84%
Illinois 2,940 2.10%
Minnesota 1,135 1.37%


How far is Harmony Minnesota from Rochester Minnesota?

There are 39.47 miles from Harmony to Rochester in northwest direction and 47 miles (75.64 kilometers) by car, following the US-52 route. Harmony and Rochester are 57 minutes far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Harmony, MN to Rochester, MN.

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Where do Amish live in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has one of the largest Amish populations in America, with settlements all over the state. You’ll find some of the larger Amish communities in Wisconsin in: Vernon County – Hillsboro. Monroe County – near Wilton/Tomah.

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