Often asked: What Is The Spanish Word For Mountain?

What is Montana’s in English?

The name Montana comes from the Spanish word montaña, which in turn comes from the Latin word montanea, meaning “mountain” or more broadly “mountainous country”. Montaña del Norte was the name given by early Spanish explorers to the entire mountainous region of the west.

What does Padron mean?

Well, Padron is short for empadronamiento, and it is a certificate given to justify that you live in Spain on a more or less permanent basis. This allows the local government to calculate how many people are living in an area and helps them to petition for grants to improve local facilities.

How do you say Mountain in other languages?

In other languages mountain

  • Arabic: جَبَلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: montanha.
  • Chinese: 山
  • Croatian: planina.
  • Czech: hora.
  • Danish: bjerg.
  • Dutch: berg.
  • European Spanish: montaña.

What is the meaning of Cerro?

Spanish: topographic name for someone who lived on or by a hill or ridge, Spanish cerro, from Latin cirrus ‘bristle’, ‘hair’, ‘hackles’, or possibly a nickname for someone with a ridge of spiky hair like an animal’s hackles.

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What does monotony mean?

1: tedious sameness the monotony of the landscape the monotony of prison life fixing a variety of foods to avoid monotony — SHAPE. 2: sameness of tone or sound the soft monotony of her voice. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about monotony.

What does Jefe mean in slang?

Written by Daniela Sanchez in Mexican Slang. Definition -On top of being the direct translation of ‘boss’, in informal Spanish, jefe, jefa and jefes can be used to refer to your parents. Additionally, in some contexts, this word is as a synonym of ‘mate’, ‘buddy’ or ‘mister’.

Where does the last name Padron originate from?

Padrón is a surname of Hispanic origin. Its origin is from the Galician town of Padrón. There are currently 4,729 people in Spain with the surname Padrón.

What is the Spanish word patron mean?

Patron and jefe are synonyms. Patron means boss. And yes, the real meaning of patron is the real boss of a place, business or organization. So, for example, the owner of a restaurant can be called either jefe or patron by the employees.

How do you say rock in other languages?

In other languages rock

  1. American English: rock /ˈrɒk/
  2. Arabic: صَخْرَة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: rocha.
  4. Chinese: 岩石
  5. Croatian: kamen.
  6. Czech: skála.
  7. Danish: klippe.
  8. Dutch: rots.

How do you say nature in different languages?

In other languages nature

  1. Arabic: طَبِيعَةٌ
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: natureza.
  3. Chinese: 自然
  4. Croatian: priroda.
  5. Czech: příroda.
  6. Danish: natur.
  7. Dutch: natuur.
  8. European Spanish: naturaleza.

How do you say snow in other languages?

In other languages snow

  • American English: snow /ˈsnoʊ/
  • Arabic: ثَلْج
  • Brazilian Portuguese: neve.
  • Chinese: 雪
  • Croatian: snijeg.
  • Czech: sníh.
  • Danish: sne.
  • Dutch: sneeuw.
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Where is Cerro?

Cerro, New Mexico

The Village of Cerro
Coordinates: 36°54′14″N 105°36′46″W
Country United States
State New Mexico
County Taos


How do you pronounce Cerro?

  1. Phonetic spelling of cerro. cer-ro. 0 rating rating ratings. Private. s-EH-r-oh.
  2. Examples of in a sentence. MASON CITY | Parents with substance abuse issues have a new avenue for assistance in Cerro Gordo County. Pronounce word 150. Add word 100.
  3. Translations of cerro. Russian: 0 rating rating ratings. Dzintar Kozlov.

What does Vin cherro mean?

(informal) masculine noun (Central America) pal (informal) ⧫ mate (Brit) (informal) ⧫ buddy (esp US) (informal) Quick word challenge. Quiz Review.

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