Often asked: What Is 9/8c In Mountain Time?

What is 9/8 Central in Mountain time?

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Central Standard Time (CST) to Mountain Standard Time (MST)
8 pm CST is 7 pm MST
9 pm CST is 8 pm MST
10 pm CST is 9 pm MST
11 pm CST is 10 pm MST

What is 8/7c in Mountain time?

So a show airing at 8e/7c as you call it would also air at 7m/ 8p; 7 PM mountain time and 8 PM Pacific time.

What time is 9/8C in Colorado?

This represents time zones. It means (usually) 9 pm in the Eastern Time Zone (and usually Pacific Time ) or 8 pm Central Time. The c stands for Central.

What does 10/9c mean in Mountain time?

Eastern, central, Mountain and Pacific. 10 / 9c means that the show comes on at 10 in the eastern time zone which is 9 in the central time zone. Explanation: mountain and pacific can have diffrent times for programs that are not “LIVE”.

What do 9/8 Central mean?

The notation “9/8C” is pronounced “Nine. Eight Central,” and you sometimes hear announcers saying just exactly that when advertising an upcoming TV program. It means “9pm Eastern time; 8pm Central time.”

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What does it mean 10 9 Central?

10 / 9 Central is a shorthand way of saying that the time the show starts will be 10:00 in the eastern time zone, which is also 9:00 in the central time zone. The US has 4 time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific).

What does 8/7c mean in LA?

” 8 / 7c ” or ” 8 – 7 Central” means that this show is occurring at 8 o’clock Eastern Time, or 7 o’clock Central time.

What is mountain Central time?

Time Zone Boundaries in the United States


Is Arizona on MST?

All of Arizona is in the Mountain Time Zone. Since 1968, most of the state—with exceptions noted below—does not observe daylight saving time and remains on Mountain Standard Time ( MST ) all year.

What does 9/8c mean for Pacific time?

When a TV show is advertised as airing at 9 / 8c, that means that it will air at 9 in the Eastern time zone and 8 in the Central time zone. However, for the Pacific time zone, it would air at 9, meaning it would air three hours after the initial broadcast in the rest of the country.

Is Texas on Central time?

14. Texas, by far the largest portion of the state uses Central Time, only El Paso and Hudspeth counties in central west observe Mountain Time.

What time is 9/8c in GMT?

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Central Standard Time (CST) to Greenwich Mean Time ( GMT )
8 am CST is 1 pm GMT
9 am CST is 2 pm GMT
10 am CST is 3 pm GMT
11 am CST is 4 pm GMT

Is 10/9c AM or PM?

The 10 / 9c means that the show comes on at 10 in the Eastern time zone, and 9 in the central time zone. Obviously you have to confirm whether it will air in morning or at night.

What does 8/9c mean on American TV?

Channels that air across multiple time zones will often pair off the 4 time zones that are in the lower 48 states. So Eastern/Central, and Mountain/Pacific are paired. 8 / 9c makes no sense, but 9/ 8 central means that it plays 9 in the eastern time zone and 8 in the central time zone.

Is New York Eastern Time?

The state of New York uses the Eastern Time Zone (UTC-05:00) with daylight saving time (UTC-04:00).

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