Often asked: What Has Happened To The Ucsd Juncos Breeding Schedule In Comparison To The Mountain Juncos?

What is the difference between UCSD Juncos and mountain Juncos?

These juncos are also less aggressive than their mountain counterparts. The UCSD juncos have shorter wings and shorter tails than the montane source population, and have about 22% less white in their outer tail feathers. The white in the outer tail feathers of juncos serves several purposes.

Are the UCSD Juncos or the Mt Laguna Juncos more bold?

Generally, male and female migrating/ ucsd juncos demonstrated significantly higher exploratory behavior than the male and female migrating/ ucsd juncos. This means the UCSD juncos are more /less bold.

How many chromosomes do Juncos pass onto their offspring?

The chromosomes for both parents are split in half showing/ explaining that out of 46 chromosomes only 23 goes to each child.

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Why are UCSD Junco bolder than mountain Junco?

The UCSD population has become the bolder than the mountain population over the last 60 years for because they were almost forced to become bolder to survive because of their environment, with all the people walking around and human leftovers being their only way of getting food it forces them to interact and be bolder

What does Junco mean?

: any of a genus ( Junco of the family Emberizidae) of small widely distributed North American finches usually having a pink bill, ashy gray head and back, and conspicuous white lateral tail feathers.

Where did the campus Juncos come from?

Juncos have always occurred in coastal California in winter, but about four decades ago bird watchers around the University of California, San Diego, started seeing them on campus during the summer months, instead of on their normal breeding grounds 50 miles away in the Laguna mountains.

Why do Juncos have different wing lengths?

UCSD Juncos tend to have shorter wings, perhaps because they eat human food. Lagunan Juncos wings are longer because they have to fly farther to eat and they do not eat human food. The two different juncos have different diets and environments which can explain their differences.

What was some of the data we said we needed in order to determine if the difference in boldness behavior in Mountain Juncos and city Juncos is inherited or learned?

What was some of the data we said we needed in order to determine if the difference in boldness behavior in mountain juncos and city juncos is inherited or learned? If the mountain juncos were put in the city juncos environment, they wouldn’t know what to do since their behavior is inherited.

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How many chromosomes do pigeons have?

In reality, pigeons have 80 chromosomes (40 pairs). Cut out the Male Pigeon Chromosomes and Female Pigeon Chromosomes.

How does what gets passed on become expressed?

Genes come in different varieties, called alleles. Somatic cells contain two alleles for every gene, with one allele provided by each parent of an organism. However, an allele that is hidden, or not expressed by an organism, can still be passed on to that organism’s offspring and expressed in a later generation.

What exactly did the scientists do to measure the amount of white in a Juncos tail feathers?

To measure the amount of white in a Junco’s tail, scientists placed mist-nets in particular locations and caught the birds. They then plucked feathers off of the birds and took pictures of them.

How are physical traits like wing color or wing length inherited?

It turns out that the body color and wing length genes are linked, which means they are located very close to each other on the same chromosome. In addition, if two genes are linked in this way, then gametes are more likely to contain specific allele combinations.

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