Often asked: How To Paint A Mountain Landscape With Acrylics?

How do beginners paint mountains?


  1. Paint the sky a gradient of cerulean blue that lightens to titanium white.
  2. Use a 4 bright brush and titanium white to paint the outline of the mountain shape.
  3. Mix a medium gray on your palette.
  4. Let the gray dry then use a piece of chalk to draw the division line of the mountains.

Can you paint Bob Ross style with acrylics?

Paint with acrylics The iconic art style of Bob Ross is most easily achieved by using oil paints, but not everyone can afford to spend $11 per color on Bob’s licensed paints —especially when he uses over ten colors per painting. For half the cost, use acrylic paints instead.

How do you paint a distant landscape?

6 ways to increase depth in a landscape painting

  1. Overlap objects within your composition so that some are forced forward or backward in the scene.
  2. Paint with less detail, texture, and definition the further back you go in the landscape.
  3. Paint using lighter values and less contrast for distant elements.

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