How To Ride Berms On A Mountain Bike?

What’s a berm in mountain biking?

Berms are trails turned on their sides! Riding through banked turns called ” berms ” can be super fun and add to your flow while riding. But, they can also be intemidating. Check out our tips on how to maintain traction and control while ripping through berms.

What does berm mean?

A berm is a level space, shelf, or raised barrier (usually made of compacted soil) separating areas in a vertical way, especially part-way up a long slope. It can serve as a terrace road, track, path, a fortification line, a border/separation barrier for navigation, good drainage, industry, or other purposes.

How do you practice cornering?

Practicing cornering technique. Look where you want to go! Cornering Technique

  1. Look well ahead.
  2. Countersteer to initiate lean for the corner.
  3. Crack the throttle as soon as the bike is leaned.
  4. Relax!
  5. Finish the turn.

What makes a mountain bike fast?

Carbon fibre, stiff rear end, 29inch wheels and tripple chain ring all add up to a very quick xc mountain bike. I think a lot is about gear ratio and crank arm length. 29″ wheels seem to be quite a bit faster for covering ground than 26″.

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