How To Play Rocky Mountain Way On Guitar?

What tuning does Joe Walsh use for Rocky Mountain Way?

Listening to the song, sounds like it’s done in open G tuning – but the song seems to be in E – I was trying to jam along with the slide solos and riffs, found them fairly easy in open G – but the bassline seems to be done in standard tuning, a lot of E A and D root notes in there.

What tuning does Joe Walsh use for slide guitar?

Joe Walsh once told me that, in order to play slide guitar, the guitar has to be tuned to an E major chord.

What key does Joe Walsh sing in?

tldr: The song opens in A major using blues harmony, with the A major pentatonic plus blues notes played between the A and D chords. (Technically, this is in the mixolydian mode).

What tuning is I remember you in?

“I Remember You ” is a tune written in 1941 by Victor Schertzinger with lyrics by Johnny Mercer. This is an important standard to know and a fun one to play on as well. Note that this tune has an uncommon 36 bar form. This tune is most commonly played in the key of F major.

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