How To Adjust Front Suspension On Mountain Bike?

What PSI should my mountain bike shocks be?

Often yes, usually rear shocks run 100-200psi, but fork psi varies a lot, depending on the design. Get the sag around 25% (maybe slightly less sag in the front than the rear) and see how it rides (that’s what really matters), adjust on the trail as needed.

How much air do I put in my mountain bike forks?

Set up the fork to a pressure where you have between 25%-30% sag. Say, the amount the fork compresses when you get on the bike in normal riding position, has to be like a fourth of the total travel. If your Recon is 130mm travel, it should sink like 36-38mm with your weight on.

How do you adjust a coil suspension?

Setting Coil Spring Preload

  1. To increase sag, turn the preload adjuster counter-clockwise.
  2. To decrease sag, turn the preload adjuster clockwise no more than two full turns.
  3. To change to a higher or lower rate spring, see the Changing Coil Springs section below.

How do you adjust a SAG suspension on a mountain bike?

Set the Sag To calculate your sag percentage, divide the static travel by the total length of the shock and multiply by 100. Most manufacturers recommend that you set your sag somewhere between 25 to 35 percent.

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How do I set my shock rebound?

To set your suspension’s rebound damping, find a kerb. Dial off all your rebound damping to minimum. Ride off the kerb, while standing up on the pedals, at slow to mid-paced speed. Your suspension will probably compress, quickly re-extend (past the sag point), compress again and then re-extend again.

What is high speed rebound?

High Speed Rebound is a damping adjustment that is controlled via a dial, when externally adjustable. Suspension that has too much rebound damping (over-damped) will be unable to extend quickly enough, and will ‘pack’, or stay too deep into it’s travel, after successive compressions.

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