How Far To Mountain Home Arkansas?

Is Mountain Home Arkansas a safe place to live?

Mountain Home has a great school system and is a very safe and family friendly town. If you are an outdoor fanatic, then Mountain Home is the place for you with two lakes, three rivers, and lots of places for hiking or camping.

How far is Little Rock AR to Mountain Home AR?

The total driving distance from Little Rock, AR to Mountain Home, AR is 152 miles or 245 kilometers.

Is Mountain Home Arkansas a good place to retire?

Mountain Home has been nationally recognized as one of the best retirement communities in the nation. Rand McNally rated Mountain Home as one of the best places to retire. AARP’s Sun Belt Retirement ranked the area as one of the top places to retire in the United States.

How far is it from Mountain Home to Mountain View?

Distance from Mountain Home, AR to Mountain View, AR There are 35.46 miles from Mountain Home to Mountain View in southeast direction and 49 miles (78.86 kilometers) by car, following the AR 5 route. Mountain Home and Mountain View are 1 hour 13 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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What is Mountain Home Arkansas known for?

Mountain Home, AR was one of the state’s first water resort and retirement regions with fishing, water sports, outdoor recreation, shopping and dining as top draws. Also, local golfing, historic attractions and natural beauty lure people to the area.

What’s the crime rate in Mountain Home Arkansas?

The Mountain Home AR crime rate for 2018 was 178.64 per 100,000 population, a 11.77% decline from 2017. The Mountain Home AR crime rate for 2017 was 202.48 per 100,000 population, a 11.02% decline from 2016. The Mountain Home AR crime rate for 2016 was 227.55 per 100,000 population, a 7.21% decline from 2015.

What is the closest airport to Mountain Home Arkansas?

Closest airport to Mountain Home is Boone County Airport ( HRO ).

Where is the best place to retire in Arkansas?

Explore the best places to retire in the U.S. based on number of retirees, weather, and access to healthcare and entertainment.

  • Bella Vista. Suburb in Arkansas.
  • Hot Springs Village. Town in Arkansas.
  • Cherokee Village.
  • Mammoth Spring.
  • Lake Hamilton.
  • Prescott.
  • Cave Springs.
  • Mountain Home.

Does it snow in Mountain Home Arkansas?

Mountain Home, Arkansas gets 45 inches of rain, on average, per year. The US average is 38 inches of rain per year. Mountain Home averages 9 inches of snow per year. The US average is 28 inches of snow per year.

Does Mountain Home Arkansas get tornadoes?

Mountain Home, Arkansas, is located in Baxter County, and has a total estimated population of 12,530 people. The city has experienced 92 tornadoes since 1950. Mountain Home is at high risk for tornado activity, with an average of 2 tornadoes per year, typically resulting in no fatalities.

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How do I get to Mountain Home Arkansas?

The city is served by Ozark Regional Airport, a county-owned, public-use airport with a few commercial flights. No railroads pass through Mountain Home, but the Missouri and Northern Arkansas Railroad passes through the nearby community of Cotter, 10 miles (16 km) to the west.

How far is Jasper Arkansas to Mountain View Arkansas?

There are 60.57 miles from Mountain View to Jasper in west direction and 83 miles (133.58 kilometers) by car, following the US-65 route. Mountain View and Jasper are 2 hours 19 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Mountain View, AR to Jasper, AR.

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