FAQ: Where Is Jade Mountain In Taiwan?

How do you get to Jade Mountain Taiwan?

Get to the Yushan National Park from the Sun Moon Lake You can take a bus from the Sun Moon Lake directly to the Yushan National Park. Two buses are leaving each day, at 8am and 9am. The bus is bound for Alishan. two very popular touristic destinations, to the park’s entrance.

What is the highest point in Taiwan?

Yu Shan or Yushan, also known as Mount Jade, Jade Mountain, or Mount Yu, and known as Mount Niitaka during Japanese rule, is the highest mountain on Taiwan at 3,952 m (12,966 ft) above sea level, giving Taiwan the 4th- highest maximum elevation of any island in the world.

How do I get from Taiwan to Snow Mountain?

Tips for Hiking Snow Mountain (Xueshan) Taiwan It’s easy to get to Yilan by train from anywhere in Taiwan. Once you reach the train station, head out to the bus station which is just about 150 meters away. Kuo-Kuang Bus departs to Wuling Farm and takes about 3 hours. Price is NTD 306.

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How do you climb Yushan?

There are two ways to hike Yushan, one is to stay overnight at Paiyun Lodge (which is only 2.4KM from the summit). Another option would be doing it as a day hike! You don’t have to do the hike in one day, can stay a night at Paiyun Lodge if you want to see the sunrise or pace yourself.

How do I get from Taipei to Yushan Mountain?

There are 5 ways to get from Taipei to Yushan National Park by train, bus, taxi or car

  1. Take the train from Taipei to Taichung.
  2. Take the bus from Taiwan Provincial Consultative Council to Xitou.
  3. Take a taxi from Xitou to Yushan National Park.

How high is Mount Jade?

An altitude of 3,952 meters above sea level makes Yushan, also known as Mt. Jade, the highest peak in Taiwan. It serves not only as the sacred mountain of both Bunun and Zhou tribes but also as one of the Five Great Mountains together with Snow Mountain, Xiuguluan Mountain, Nanhu Mountain and North Dawu Mountain.

What is the highest point in Taipei?

‘ Seven Star Mountain ‘) is a mountain in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. Qixing Mountain (Taipei)

Qixing Mountain
Chihsing Mountain, Cising Mountain
Highest point
Elevation 1,120 m (3,670 ft)
Prominence 1,120 m (3,670 ft)


How many mountains are there in Taiwan?

There are actually over 260 mountains over 3,000 meters in Taiwan, many of which were not listed in the Baiyue, but nonetheless impressive.

Does Taiwan have snow?

Does it Snow in Taiwan? Yes, it does snow in Taiwan! But almost exclusively on the tops of high mountains deep in the island’s Central Mountain Range. It is extremely rare to see snow in any major cities or lowland areas in Taiwan, and many Taiwanese have never touched or even seen snow in their lives.

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Is Taiwan a volcanic island?

As a result, Taiwan has numerous mud volcanoes and hot springs. These faults have produced several major quakes throughout the history of the island, including the 1951 East Rift Valley earthquakes on the East Rift Valley (花東縱谷) and 1964 Baihe earthquake on the Chukou Fault.

What is the longest river in Taiwan?

The Zhuoshui River, also spelled Choshui or Jhuoshuei River, (Chinese: 濁水溪; Hanyu Pinyin: Zhuóshuǐ Xī; Tongyong Pinyin: Jhuóshuěi Si; Wade–Giles: Cho2-shui3 Hsi1; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Lô-chúi-khoe) is the longest river in Taiwan.

What is the coldest month in Taiwan?

January. Overview: January is the coldest month in Taiwan, but still relatively mild by North American or European standards. Average lows are 13°C (55°F) and average highs are 16°C (61°F).

What month is the snow in Taiwan?

Popular mountain ranges with snow include Hehuanshan, Yushan and Xueshan (which literally translates to “ snow mountain”). The best time to find snow in Taiwan is undeniably winter time, between November and February. If you go high enough, you’re sure to find snow.

Which place in Taiwan has snow?

Yes, it does snow in Taiwan, but only up in the high mountains deep in the Central Mountain Range. The two most popular places to see snow are Mt. Hehuan, in Nantou County, and Mt. Guanshan, in Taidong County.

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