FAQ: Where Are October Mountain Products Made?

Are October Mountain bows good?

All three of these bows are outstanding choices, but the Mountaineer and Smoky Mountain Hunter are more appropriate for getting out in the bush and bagging medium or large game.

Who Makes Old Mountain Mesa Longbow?

Re: Old Mountain Mesa longbow? They are asian made. 3 rivers has been selling them for a few years now and from what i gather they have sold very very well for them. They have sold enough to justify expanding the line to the shorter mesa 2 which has a carbon lam in the limb and the 56″ stygian recurve.

Are OMP bows any good?

The OMP Mountaineer weighs around 3.5 pounds, heavier than some hunting bows I have used, but its slim, ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold onto. I carried this bow into the woods on several hunting trips, and found it quite comfortable to carry around.

What is a reflex Deflex Longbow?

Reflex refers to something curving away from you, like the ends of a recurve, or reflexed, bow. Deflex means curved towards you. Most recurve bows have a deflexed riser and reflexed limbs. Many newer longbows have reflex / deflex designs, just like a recurve but in lesser amounts.

What is a ILF bow?

The International Limb Fitting or ILF was first designed and producted by Hoyt USA in the mid 1980’s as their own limb fitting. Before this time the many different manufacturers all had different limb fittings and they were not interchangable. Some manufacturers had different limb fittings for every model of bow.

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