FAQ: Stardew Valley Where Is Mountain Lake?

What is the mountain in Stardew Valley?

The Mountains are a region to the north of Pelican Town. Here, you’ll find the Mines, which can be explored for new rewards. There’s also a quarry for harvesting rocks, and the Adventurer’s Guild, where you can buy weapons, armor, and rings, as well as complete Monster Eradication Goals.

What is the best place to fish in Stardew Valley?

The best Stardew Valley fishing spots

  • Western Pier rock. Located on the same pier as Willy’s Fish Shop, casting your line near this rock is guaranteed to net you a good catch.
  • Edge of Eastern Pier.
  • Mountain lake near the mines.
  • Near Leah’s cabin.
  • Mutant Carp.
  • Angler.
  • Crimsonfish.
  • Glacierfish.

Where can I find prismatic slime in Stardew Valley?

The Prismatic Slime is a quest monster which can be found in the mountain mine or Skull Cavern on any level, after accepting the ” Prismatic Jelly” Wizard’s quest from the Special order Board.

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How do you get past the Stardew Valley train station?

The Summit can be accessed by a staircase in the north-west area of the railroad. Initially, the stairs are blocked by a boulder that the player can not move.

Where can I find Maru in the mountains?

Meet Maru at Carpenter’s Shop Around Midnight Weather permitting make your way to the Carpenter’s Shop area around midnight (I went at 11 and it triggered). Once you enter the area you will trigger a cutscene with Maru. It is a familiar cutscene, but with new implications.

Where is the secret woods in Stardew Valley?

The Secret Woods is an outdoor area that can be entered from the northwest corner of Cindersap Forest. The entrance is initially blocked by a fallen log that can be cleared after upgrading to at least a Steel Axe. The Secret Woods contain seasonal forageables and Slimes that will attack the player.

Can’t catch a sturgeon Stardew Valley?

EDIT: If you are also trying to catch a Sturgeon with no luck, try using the Trap Bobber. I caught it on my 4th try after adding it to my pole. No extra fishing buffs needed! If you just need it for the bundle, don’t forget to check the trading cart in the forest on Fridays and Sundays.

Can you catch octopus on Ginger Island?

It can be fished on Ginger Island West during any season (ocean only). The octopus is the only fishing rod fish that cannot be eaten unless it is used in a recipe.

Where are all the fish in Stardew Valley?

For the guide to catch all fish, see Fishing Strategy. Fish can be found in the ocean, lakes, rivers, and in certain levels of the mines. Most fish can be caught with a fishing pole (see fishing) but some require crab pots to catch them.

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When can you catch an octopus Stardew Valley?

The Octopus is an ocean fish that can be caught in any weather at 6 am to 1 pm in the Summer. It can also be found in the Submarine during the Night Market event.

What is the most profitable fish in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley: The Most Expensive Fish In The Game

  1. 1 Legend. The final Legendary Fish and the most valuable fish in the game has a fitting name: Legend.
  2. 2 Crimsonfish. The second- most profitable Legendary Fish in the game is the Crimsonfish.
  3. 3 Glacierfish and Mutant Carp.
  4. 4 Angler.
  5. 5 Lava Eel.
  6. 6 Ice Pip and Blobfish.
  7. 7 Stonefish.
  8. 8 Super Cucumber.

What is the most profitable fish to catch?

Whether it’s for their culinary value or the challenge of catching them, these are some of the most sought-after fish out there.

  • Blue Marlin. Blue marlin have long been the favorite saltwater game fish for offshore anglers.
  • Sailfish.
  • Bluefin Tuna.
  • Yellowfin Tuna.
  • Roosterfish.
  • Dorado.
  • Tarpon.
  • Giant Trevally.

Can you put legendary fish in fish pond?

The Fish Pond is a type of farm building purchasable from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop. The fish produce Roe and random items. The only fish which cannot live in the fish pond are the five legendary fish: Legend, Mutant Carp, Crimsonfish, Glacierfish, and Angler.

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