FAQ: How To Remove Mountain Bike Cranks?

How do you take off a bike crank?

Insert an Allen key into the crank bolt and turn it counterclockwise. Turn the handle of the Allen key counterclockwise to loosen the crank bolt. Then use it to completely unscrew the crank bolt. If your crank has bolts on both sides of the bike, go to the other side of the bike and remove the other crank bolt.

What can I use instead of a crank puller?

Or you can buy a pickel fork for popping apart automotive U-joints. Or you can buy an automotive blind bearing puller. These last two are generally the forceful methods you use when the crank puller strips the threads off the crank or does not provide enough force to remove the crank.

Can you remove a bottom bracket without tool?

Almost anything can be taken apart without proper tools, including bottom brackets. it, but it can be done. The right tool for the job(any job) makes life much easier and will lower your frustration level by leaps and bounds. If it is a Square taper, isis or octalink then no.

How do you tighten a crank on a mountain bike?

Most mountain bike bearing cups tighten counter clockwise on the drive side, and clockwise on the non-drive side. The drive side should be torqued to about 35-50Nm. If the bottom bracket is a cartridge type, then the non-drive side uses the same torque.

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Do I need a crank puller?

Do I Need A Crank Puller? Yes, there are ways to remove cranks without the crank puller but they will almost certainly do a lot of damage. There is no reason not to buy a crank puller as they a fairly with prices starting from $8.99 upwards.

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