FAQ: Where To Stay Near Copper Mountain?

Where should I stay in copper? Probably Copper Mountain’s Best Hotel Accommodations Room at Tucker Mountain Lodge, CO. Snowflake Condominiums, CO. Tucker Mountain Lodge, CO. Copper Junction Condos. Taylor’s Crossing, CO. Summit House Condos, CO. The Cache at Union Creek. Telemark Lodge, CO. What towns are near Copper Mountain? Local towns near Copper Mountain, CO […]

FAQ: How Do Mountain Gorillas Mate?

Why do female gorillas mate with multiple males? Female gorillas use sex as a tactic to thwart their rivals, new research suggests. “It seems to us that mating is another tactic that females use to compete with each other – in this case to gain favour with another male,” says Diane Doran-Sheehy, a primatologist at […]