Where To Buy Used Mountain Bikes?

Where is the best place to buy used mountain bikes?

There are a few places on the Internet where you can find used bikes: Craigslist and eBay are big ones, but there are also enthusiast communities like Pinkbike’s BuySell forum, Bicycle Blue Book, GearTrade and more.

Is buying a used mountain bike worth it?

Not everything needs to be shiny and new. Just like buying a lightly used car can save you thousands, it’s worth it to consider buying a used mountain bike for the same reason. The seller could be trying to make a quick buck on a stolen bike.

How do I buy a used mountain bike?

Things you want to check for are:

  1. Frame: It is normal that a used frame has a few scratches here and there.
  2. Suspension: Check that the forks and the rear shock are working properly.
  3. Adjustable seatpost: Make sure the seatpost goes up and down smoothly and ask if the owner has had any issues with it.
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Are mountain bikes from Walmart any good?

Walmart bikes aren’t nearly as bad as people claim them to be. As a kid, I rode my Walmart bikes hard and didn’t really have any problems other than needing to adjust the derailleur once in a while and replace broken plastic pedals. If you take decent care of the bike, it will hold up just fine for many years.

Why are mountain bikes so expensive?

Mountain bikes are expensive because of the use of high-quality components and technology, some MTB’s go up to $13,000. In order to keep your ride safe, you’ll need proper bike parts that are durable and can take a beating.

How much should a used bike cost?

As a general rule of thumb, you can get a really nice, long-lasting used bike in the $200 to $400 range. A brand new bike with similar build quality and features should run you around $500 to $900. Any less and you’re probably looking at a piece of junk.

Should I buy a 10 year old mountain bike?

Unless you can verify that the bike is in REALLY good shape, I would advise against buying a 10 – year old full suspension. Also, what kind of riding are you doing? That bike is going to be heavy and overkill for general trail riding.

How much should you pay for a used mountain bike?

In that case, we typically recommend bikes between $1,000 and $2,000. Although mountain bike technology changes fast, if you buy a used MTB produced in the last 3-5 years, you ‘ll get a better-quality bike and beat depreciation. Intermediate mountain bikers would do well to spend a bit more, $2,000 to $3,000.

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What is a good cheap mountain bike?

  • Co-op Cycles – DRT 1.1. Best value mountain bike with a unisex frame.
  • Cannondale – Trail 8 ‘2021 Best budget mountain bike.
  • Trek – Marlin 4 ‘2021. Best beginner’s mountain bike.
  • Merax – Finiss. Best entry-level mountain bike from Amazon.
  • Diamondback – Overdrive 29er.
  • Raleigh – Talus 1.
  • Schwinn – Bonafide.
  • Mongoose – Malus.

Should I buy a used carbon mountain bike?

Buying used carbon is an option, but you will want to go over every square inch of that frame very closely to examine for cracks and damage. If there’s no external damage, the likelihood that there is internal damage is slim.

How much does a good mountain bike cost?

High-quality, intro-level bikes start around $2,000 to $2,500, depending on what features you want, and prices climb dramatically from there. You can get a good bike for less than that (see our tips below), but you’ll need to spend money on pedals, riding shoes, helmet, and a pump, at the very least.

Why you shouldn’t buy a Walmart bike?

Walmart kids bikes (and ALL Walmart bikes for that matter) are junk. They are heavy, poorly designed, and will fall apart quickly. Don’t buy a bike from a big box store. Buy from a reputable local bike shop, bicycle non-profit, or directly from one of the better kids bike manufacturers).

Why you shouldn’t buy a cheap mountain bike?

The affordable price can still be appealing to the budget conscious, but the compromised quality is just not worth it, which makes their lifespan and durability questionable. Oftentimes, cost-cutting measures are observed by having substandard cables, spokes, and bearings.

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Why are Walmart bikes so bad?

besides the low quality stuff, the reason that they are ” bad ” is because you can get a much better used bike off craigslist for the same amount of cash. not sure where you’re getting that “people hate people who ride walmart bikes ” thing.

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