Where Is Rainy Mountain And Why Does Momaday Return There?

Why did momaday return to the rainy mountain?

So, Momaday returns to Rainy Mountain in order to reminisce about his grandmother’s life, to contemplate the illustrious history of his own people, and to eventually memorialize in print the richness of his own heritage.

What reason does momaday give for returning to Rainy Mountain in July quizlet?

Why has the author ( Momaday ) returned to Rainy Mountain? His grandmother died, and he wanted to visit her grave.

What is Rainy Mountain and where is it located?

Rainy Mountain is a rounded hill standing northwest apart from the main Wichita Mountains in Kiowa County, Oklahoma. It was a prominent landmark for the Plains Indians on the southern plains.

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What important events in Kiowa history does momaday recount in The Way to Rainy Mountain?

What important events in Kiowa history does Momaday recount? The last Sun Dance was held in 1887 on the Washita River above Rainy Mountain Creek. A group of men set out to Texas to get a buffalo bill for the ceremony, but did not find what they were looking for.

What eventually happened to the Kiowas?

The Kiowa was small in number and in the second-half of the century were forced south by the much larger Sioux tribe. They eventually settled in Texas and New Mexico and in the 1790s formed an alliance with the Comanches. In 1837 the Kiowa signed a treaty with the United States government.

Which 2 themes are present in The Way to Rainy Mountain?

The Way to Rainy Mountain Themes

  • Language and Storytelling. While The Way to Rainy Mountain is the story of the Kiowa migration, it is also, at its heart, a story about stories.
  • Memory and History.
  • Origins, Linearity, and Circularity.
  • Nature, Landscape, and Animals.
  • Mixing of Cultures.

Which statement best describes a central idea of The Way to Rainy Mountain?

The statement that best describes the central idea of “The Way to Rainy Mountain ” is “It is important to preserve the oral tradition of the Kiowa people”.

What did the Kiowas acquire that transformed their culture on their journey south?

Their journey southward was one “towards the dawn,” and that led to a “golden age” for the Kiowas. The Kiowas acquired horses on their journey, which transformed them into nomads and ruthless hunters. Through this journey they were liberated from an exclusive focus on survival, and they became dignified and visionary.

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What is the purpose of The Way to Rainy Mountain?

The purpose was to remind the reader that before the indians were forced to move into reservations, his grandmother, along with many other indians had a different way of life then they do now.

What is one of the three voices that The Way to Rainy Mountain was written in?

The three voices in which the Way to Rainy Mountain was written are the ancestral voice or the voice of myth. The personal voice or the voice of memoir, and the objective voice or the voice of history.

Which line from Momaday’s The Way to Rainy Mountain most clearly uses figurative language?

Answer. Explanation: The line from Momaday’s the Way to Rainy Mountain that most clearly uses figurative language is the second one: “And then there is the sudden, piercing call of a bobwhite.

What is the most important insight momaday?

In The Way to Rainy Mountain, the most important insight Momaday gained about his heritage during his pilgrimage was how much the cultural identity of the Kiowas had declined over the span of his grandmother’s life.

Why was the sun important to the Kiowas?

The Kiowa considered the Kado to be their most important ceremony, the whole tribe participating therein. It was a religious drama, the ceremonial worship of the Sun in his vernal splendor, as the creator and regenerator of the world.

What seems to be Momaday’s purpose in writing this essay?

Momaday’s purpose in writing this essay is to not only tell the life of hos grandmother. Also the life he experienced with her and the Kiowa’s. Momaday then proceeds to tell us about his grandmother, whom grave he was going to visit.

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