Where Is Pine Mountain?

What is Pine Mountain and where is it located?

Pine Mountain is a ridge in the Appalachian Mountains running through Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. It extends about 125 miles from near Pioneer, Tennessee, to a location near Elkhorn City, Kentucky. Birch Knob, the highest point, is 3,273 feet above sea level and is located on the Kentucky-Virginia border.

What city is Pine Mountain Ga close to?

Town mi. km.
Greenville 17.89 28.79
Lagrange 21.38 34.41
Talbotton 21.38 34.41
Valley 21.88 35.21


How far is Pine Mountain from Atlanta?

The total driving distance from Pine Mountain, GA to Atlanta, GA is 78 miles or 126 kilometers.

Where in Georgia is Pine Mountain?

Pine Mountain is a town in Harris and Meriwether counties in the U.S. state of Georgia. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 1,304, up from 1,141 at the 2000 census. Pine Mountain, Harris County, Georgia.

Pine Mountain, Georgia Chipley
• Total 1,304
• Estimate (2019) 1,417
• Density 460.36/sq mi (177.72/km2)
ZIP Code 31822
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Is Pine Mountain Ga safe?

Based on FBI crime data, Pine Mountain is not one of the safest communities in America. Relative to Georgia, Pine Mountain has a crime rate that is higher than 76% of the state’s cities and towns of all sizes.

What time does Pine Mountain close?

At a Glance

Current Conditions: Pine Mountain Campground will open on May 15, 2021. Reservations: www.recreation.gov
Operational Hours: Check-in time: 3:00pm. Check-out time: 12:00 noon. Quiet hours 10:00pm-6:00am
Reservations: www.recreation.gov or call 1-877-444-6777. Reservations need to be made 8 days in advance.


What is Pine Mountain Georgia famous for?

The Pine Mountain area has emerged into a primary tourism location, greatly due to the efforts of President Franklin Roosevelt and Callaway Gardens’ Cason Callaway. Today, Pine Mountain serves as the gateway to the 14,000-acre Callaway Resort & Gardens.

What city is close to Callaway Gardens?

Pine Mountain, Georgia As the home of Callaway Gardens and much of F.D. Roosevelt State Park, Pine Mountain attracts thousands of visitors and accounts for the majority of the county’s successful tourism industry.

How much does it cost to get into Callaway Gardens?


General Gardens Admission Advance Online Admission In-Person Admission
Adult (Age 13-64) $19.95 $24.95
Senior (Age 65+) $19.95 $21.95
Child (Age 6-12) $14.95 $14.95
Child (Age 5 and Under) FREE FREE

How Much Is Wild Animal Safari?

Admission Prices

Admission Gate Price Online Price
Adult – Single Admission $23 $20
Seniors – 65+ $20 $18
Children (3 – 12) $20 $18
Toddlers (2 & Under) Free Free
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Is there a mountain in Pine Mountain Georgia?

Roosevelt State Park near Warm Springs is Georgia’s largest state park, occupying most of Pine Mountain in Middle Georgia.

How do you get to Pine Mountain?

Take Exit 42 (U.S. Highway 27), turn left and travel 12 miles to Pine Mountain. Travel I-65 north to I-85 north. Take Exit 2 (Hwy. 18 East) Travel 20 miles to Pine Mountain.

How far is Pine Mountain Club from Bakersfield?

There are 37.23 miles from Bakersfield to Pine Mountain Club in southwest direction and 60 miles (96.56 kilometers) by car, following the CA 58 and CA 99 route. Bakersfield and Pine Mountain Club are 1 hour 2 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop.

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