Where Is Hunter Mountain?

How far is Hunter Mountain from New York City?

The distance between New York and Hunter Mountain is 101 miles. The road distance is 128.1 miles. How long does it take to get from New York to Hunter Mountain? It takes approximately 2h 26m to drive 128.1 miles from New York to Hunter Mountain.

What city is Hunter Mountain located in?

Hunter Mountain is a ski resort located in Greene County, New York about three hours northwest of New York City in the town of Hunter, New York. It features a 1,600-foot (488 m) vertical drop.

Is Hunter Mountain in the Adirondacks?

The actual summit, some distance from the ski area, is graced with a fire lookout tower, the highest in the state and second-highest in the Northeast. Hunter Mountain (New York)

Hunter Mountain
Prominence 2,160 ft (660 m)
Listing Catskill High Peaks 2nd Northeast 111 New York County High Points 4th
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How do I get to Hunter Mountain NYC?

By Train. Taking the bus or driving are the most recommended ways to reach Hunter Mountain, but you can opt to ride Amtrak to nearby Hudson, NY. For Amtrak schedules and information, visit their website. Take the Hudson Line on Metro-North to Poughkeepsie Station.

Which is better Hunter or Windham?

Windham has always been a more sedate and polished experience than Hunter, attracting more affluent skiers and snowboarders. Windham has the same 1,600-foot vertical drop (and nearly 100 percent snowmaking coverage) as Hunter but not as much terrain variety or challenge.

Is Hunter Mountain good for beginners?

– Hunter offers better facility for beginners. It has a pretty large separate section of the mountain for beginners. It does not have magic carpet like Windham but it offers 3 chairlifts. As a beginner, it felt great to able to use the chairlift instead of magic carpet.

How much is a lift ticket at Hunter Mountain?

Lift Tickets

Youth (7-17) Adult (18-64)
Regular $67 $88
Low $63 $81

Is Hunter in the Catskills?

Hunter Mountain is considered a four-season destination in the Great Northern Catskills of Greene County, offering challenging terrain and trails for all skill levels. Renowned as the “snowmaking capital of the world,” Hunter boasts snowmaking on 100% of the mountain’s 240 skiable acres.

Did Vail buy Hunter Mountain?

Rockies to Catskills, Vail ski corp is buying Hunter Mountain.

Is Hunter NY Safe?

Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area.

Do you have to buy a lift ticket for bunny slope?

Yes, all lessons require a lift ticket, even if you are a beginner. You can purchase a ticket at the same time that you book your lesson. For Mini Cub, Little Cub & Big Cub lessons if you pre-purchased a ticket it will be available at drop-off.

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Does Hunter Mountain have tubing?

Hunter Mountain’s tubing hill, at nearly 1000 feet long, is a “no-skills” fun activity for the whole family. Whether you choose to spend your day tubing instead of skiing or make it your choice après-ski activity, you’re sure to have a good time.

How do you get to Windham Mountain from NYC?

Getting here by train Amtrak operates daily between NYC’s Penn Station and Hudson, NY – a 40 minute drive from Windham Mountain. Make a rental car reservation through Enterprise and they’ll meet you at the station.

How do you get to Mountain Creek from NYC?

Mountain Creek is located just 47 miles from Manhattan and is convenient to the entire tri-state area. From NYC:

  1. Take the Lincoln Tunnel to Rt. 3 West to Rt. 46 West.
  2. Take Rt. 23 North from Rt. 46 West.
  3. Exit on the right on Rt. 515 North to Rt. 94 South to Mountain Creek Waterpark.

What time do the lifts open at Hunter Mountain?

The lifts are open from 8:30 AM to 4 PM on weekends.

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