Readers ask: Who Makes Gravity Mountain Bikes?

Is gravity a good mountain bike brand?

This is a good bike out of the box but definitely not for people who want to take it on trails. You get what you pay for (and some) so it would likely appeal to casual bikers or beginners. It is definitely a good value if you want a good mountain bike.

Who makes gravity mountain bike?

Gravity | Mountain Full Suspension | GT Bicycles.

What brand is gravity bike?

Gravity is just a name that the guy who owns the Bikesdirect site has the rights to. Its one of his many lines, just like Motobecane, Dawes, etc. Yes, Moto has a website, but its just a front to make the brand look more legit. Think Setteits just Pricepoint’s house brand same idea here.

Where are gravity bikes made?

Guerrilla Gravity – About Us Our frames are designed, tested, and built in-house here in Denver, Colorado. This unique holistic structure allows us to link all aspects of the process to ensure quality and take advantage of manufacturing efficiencies.

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Are gravity FSX mountain bikes good?

The FSX was rated highly by those owners that held a modicum of mechanical aptitude – or whomever was willing to pay for bike -shop assembly. Parts are not-high end, while still being reliable. This is a great entry-level full-suspension mountain bike.

Is J bike store legit?

It’s 100% a scam. There are several threads about them online and everything about then screams overt scam.

Are Gravity good bikes?

The Gravity FSX 1.0 shows that you can truly have a high-quality mountain bike that is actually able to handle real trail riding, and still keep the price tag well under $500. The Gravity FSX 1.0 may not have the big brand appeal, but it definitely delivers big brand performance, for far less.

Are there any mountain bikes made in USA?

The United States has a wide array of bicycle builders across the entire nation. While the major American brands like Specialized, Trek, and GT mass produce their bikes overseas, there is a very strong contingent of custom handmade mountain bike builders creating masterful works of art here in our own country.

Are Yeti bikes made in the USA?

Yeti Cycles is an American bicycle manufacturer located in Golden, Colorado.

What is the lightest balance bike?

At 4.1 pounds, the Ace of Play Balance Bike is one of the lightest balance bikes on the market. It’s weight, combined with an adjustable seat setting, gives children as young as 18 months an opportunity to learn to ride.

Is bikes direct a good company?

In the large part BD bikes are solid and pretty decent values, and it’s a reputable company. Nothing they sell is junk of the caliber you’ll find at Walmart, etc.. It certainly helps to know what you want and have enough knowledge to understand what you’re looking at on their website.

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How much does a gravity FSX 1.0 weight?

The Gravity FSX 1.0 weighs in at 35 lbs, which isn’t too far from the mark of most mountain bikes. Its frame is composed of aluminum, a standard material for introductory bikes.

Are Cannondale bikes made in the USA?

Today, Cannondale produces high-end bicycles, although they are no longer hand- made in the US. Many bicycle frame manufacturers use many materials such as steel or titanium, Cannondale specializes in aluminum and carbon fiber, a technology in which they were pioneers.

Which Trek bikes are made in the USA?

Unfortunately, there are no more Trek bikes that are fully made in the USA. They used to produce a small number of bikes in their U.S. facilities in Waterloo and Whitewater, Wisconsin (about 20,000 bikes per year), but that came to a halt in December 2017, according to a source we have inside the Trek engineering team.

Are all bicycles made in China?

Generally speaking, low to mid level bikes are made in China and mid to high level bikes are made in Taiwan. Bikes are produced in other countries, but Asian factories probably produce 95% of the units sold in the United States.

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