Readers ask: Where The Mountain Meets The Moon Chapter Summaries?

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon short summary?

Plot summary. By a bare mountain, where the Jade River runs through, lies a poor, mud-covered village known as the Village of Fruitless Mountain, where the protagonist, Minli lives. Minli is a young ten-year-old girl with a fast and eager spirit, and is constantly ready for adventure.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Chapter 13 summary?

Chapters 13 -14: In Chapter 13, Minli cuts Dragon free and he carries her on his back through the river. On the way, Minli discovers that Dragon is over one hundred years old. But their passage is blocked by the monkeys. Minli decides to use their greed against them, so she cooks rice and puts it in a fishnet.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Chapter 38 summary?

Chapter 38: On the way, Da-A-Fu tells them that no one has seen the Old Man of the Moon but that he had brought their ancestors to the village. They then tell The Story of Da-A-Fu’s Ancestors. It turns out their ancestors are the truly happy family that had angered Magistrate Tiger so many years before.

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What happens in the first chapter of Where the Mountain Meets the Moon?

Chapter 1: Our story opens on the Jade River near the Fruitless Mountain in a small village which contains an even smaller home. A young girl named Minli lives there with her parents, Ba and Ma. In the story, Jade Dragon made the rain across the land until she heard the people complain about the rain.

What is the main idea of where the mountain meets the moon?

Inspired by her father’s stories and dedicated to her family, Minli decides to leave and seek a more prosperous future for them all. The objective of her quest is to find the Old Man of the Moon who possesses the power to change a person’s fortune.

Who is the antagonist in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon?

There isnt really an antagonist but the idea of her wanting to be rich can be the antagonist. Greed. In the valley of Fruitless mountain, a young girl named Minli lives in a ramshackle hut with her parents.

What is the borrowed line in Where the Mountain Meets the Moon?

Minli is able to meet him and he gives her a borrowed line which is written on a piece of apage that Magistrate Tiger had torn out of the Old Man of the Moon’s Book of Fortune. Outside of the City, Dragon is given a string of destiny which is another borrowed line by the Guardians of the City, living stone tigers.

Why do the Lions startle dragon?

Why do the lions startle Dragon? They are very fierce. He thought they were statues. He thought they wer.

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Where the Mountain Meets the Moon vocabulary list?

Explore the Words

  • jagged. having an irregularly notched or toothed margin.
  • coax. influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering.
  • meager. deficient in amount or quality or extent.
  • weariness. temporary loss of strength and energy from hard work.
  • reverence.
  • anguish.
  • grueling.
  • fiery.

What grade level is Where the Mountain Meets the Moon?

Third Grade Read Aloud Add your ratingSee all 10 parent reviews.

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