Readers ask: How To Sell A Mountain Bike?

How much can you sell a mountain bike for?

Selling Your Mountain Bike After 1 Year Simply put, if you are reselling a 6 thousand-dollar bike 2 years from purchase, you can get under 3 thousand dollars versus 3,300 dollars resale on its first year. Bike Age Value: Less than 1 year up to 55 percent of MSRP.

How can I sell my bike fast?

How to sell your used bike

  1. Sell with The Pro’s Closet. The Pro’s Closet operates the Internet’s largest used bicycle marketplace.
  2. Sell Your Bike To A Pawn or Used Sporting Goods Shop.
  3. Sell Your Bike On Craigslist, Facebook, or Local Online Marketplace.
  4. Sell Your Bike On A Bike Forum or Website.
  5. Sell Your Bike On eBay.

Do mountain bikes hold their value?

While the actual depreciation on mountain bikes varies with brand and type, on average you loose 26% of its original worth the instant you ride it off the shop. In our independent research mountain bikes tends to loose between 24 to 31 % in its value in 1 year followed by 35% loss in its value by another year.

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How can I sell my expensive bike?

eBay—For an expensive or vintage bike, eBay is a good choice. They charge for posting, but it’s very easy to sell on eBay, since you’re reaching millions of potential customers. Shipping could be a hassle, but many local bike shops will sell you their old boxes or actually pack the bike for you for a fee.

How much value do mountain bikes lose?

The average mountain bike loses 41% of its value in the first year after purchase! Now while this varies slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer, it’s still a stunning number to look at. To use a real-world example, if you were to purchase a new mountain bike for $2,500, it would only be worth $1,475 after one year.

How much are mountain bikes worth?

High-quality, intro-level bikes start around $2,000 to $2,500, depending on what features you want, and prices climb dramatically from there. You can get a good bike for less than that (see our tips below), but you’ll need to spend money on pedals, riding shoes, helmet, and a pump, at the very least.

Is bike blue book accurate?

Their prices are actually pretty accurate and are an average of that bikes going prices across the web. From their own site: The Bicycle Blue Book Promise: Our database contains 7+ years of transaction data for bikes built all the way back in 1993.

Is NOC required for selling bike?

Form 28 – It serves as a NOC (No Objection Certificate) required when a vehicle is transferred from one state to another. The seller must submit three copies of this form. For bike ownership transfer, you will need to submit two copies of Form 30 to the RTO.

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How much is a Trek bike worth?

The butterfly bike was auctioned for $500,000 at a November 1, 2009 Sotheby’s auction to support Armstrong’s cancer charity, LiveStrong. How much are used bicycles worth?

Bicycle Sold Price
Cannondale SuperX $5,400
2016 Moots Routt 45 $3,500
1980’s Schwinn Paramount $1,200
Trek Excal $600


Is buying a used mountain bike worth it?

Not everything needs to be shiny and new. Just like buying a lightly used car can save you thousands, it’s worth it to consider buying a used mountain bike for the same reason. The seller could be trying to make a quick buck on a stolen bike.

How much should I pay for a used mountain bike?

Although mountain bike technology changes fast, if you buy a used MTB produced in the last 3-5 years, you’ll get a better-quality bike and beat depreciation. Intermediate mountain bikers would do well to spend a bit more, $2,000 to $3,000.

What is a good mountain bike that is affordable?

The 14 Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

  • Best Women’s Trail Bike. Roscoe 7. Trek $1,349.99.
  • Great Value and Performance. Growler. Rocky Mountain
  • Great First Race Bike. Marlin 7. Trek
  • Best Combo of Grip and Speed. Stance 29 2. Giant
  • Great First Trail Bike. Mahuna. kona

How do I sell my bike picture?

Good photos matter

  1. Light is the most critical aspect of photography.
  2. The lead photo should always be taken from the drivetrain side of the bike (right side)
  3. Squat down and take the photo at the level of the bike.
  4. Find a clean wall or other background to place the bike against.
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How do I price my used bike?

Subtract the depreciation expense from the original purchase price of the bike. The result is how much the bike is worth. For example, if the bike in step 3 is three years old, then the used bicycle would be worth $200.

How much is my second hand bike worth?

Check Price of Used Bikes. If you wish to buy a used bike, but, you are not sure about its current market value, Orange Book Value (OBV) is the right tool to get you out of this dilemma. OBV helps you determine the fair market price of any second – hand bike within 10 seconds.

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