Quick Answer: How To Ship A Mountain Bike?

How much does it cost to ship a mountain bike?

The price of shipping a bike varies depends on the level of service you seek, and the service and shipping providers you choose. Expect anywhere from about $50 (short distance, slower shipping, and do your own packing) to upwards of $250 (longer distance, faster shipping, professionally packed).

What size box do I need to ship a mountain bike?

With most bikes weighing between 15 and 19 pounds, you may wonder how big of a box you need for shipping. It should be at least 43x11x32.

Can FedEx ship a bike?

The max weight for shipping bicycles is 95lbs. *Some bike manufacturers have custom boxes for bikes that weigh over 95lbs. Custom bike boxes weighing less than 150lbs are accecptable at FedEx Office locations.

Can you ship a bike through USPS?

For USPS you can ship priority mail for a Package or OS1. You can only do parcel post for OS2. Note that a “standard” bike box (full bike, not just frame) is usually OS2. For UPS ground you can ship any size.

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What is BikeFlights?

BikeFlights.com is a bicycle shipping service and a supplier of bike shipping boxes. You get fast delivery, low costs and excellent service with every shipment as part of our Best Way Guarantee. Our advanced online platform enables e-commerce and near real-time monitoring of shipments from pickup to delivery.

What is the cheapest way to ship a bicycle?

Cardboard is the cheapest avenue to take, and these boxes are usually available at local bike shops or through sites like BikeFlights.com and ShipBikes.com. Just make sure to select only new or lightly-used boxes, as they break down and become less protective with time.

Can I take my bike on a plane?

Requirements: Bicycles may be carried as checked baggage or cargo. They must be properly packed in a strong purpose-made cardboard box.

Where can I get a box to ship my bike?

Head to Your Local The UPS Store® Location Not only can you find all the necessary packaging supplies for bike shipping —from packaging peanuts and tape, to cushioning and bubble wrap—but The UPS Store Certified Packing Experts® can pack the bike for you and make sure that it’s ready to be shipped.

Is UPS cheaper or FedEx?

Just like our last example, retail rates on FedEx were slightly cheaper than UPS. However, if you use Easyship, UPS will give you a better rate. Takeaway: When sending a small package cross-country between rural towns, FedEx provides cheaper rates if you are paying retail price.

Are FedEx shipping boxes free?

FedEx provides free packaging for all your shipping needs. All you need is a FedEx account. The supplies will be sent to you free of charge. To ensure your consignments arrive on time and in good condition, it is vital you take time to pack and label them correctly.

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How can I send my bike to another state?

Step 1: Obtain An NOC From The RTO Where Your Vehicle Is Registered

  1. Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle.
  2. Car Insurance or Bike Insurance paper.
  3. Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate/ Emission Test Certificate.
  4. Genuine chassis imprint of the vehicle.
  5. 3-4 photocopies of Form 28.

Can I ship a bike to Hawaii?

BikeFlights.com offers two-day express service to and from Hawaii, which means you don’t have to be without your bike for long before or after your trip. Your bike will be there waiting for you upon arrival. Rates to and from Hawaii vary with the size of your box and your ship from location.

Can you mail USPS at UPS Store?

The UPS store near us, accepts USPS parcels, as a courtesy, since USPS visits them daily, but there will be no scan on the USPS parcel, until it reaches a USPS sort facility. If the USPS parcels are +not+ scanned in a timely manner, your USPS parcels may be docked as late, by Amazon’s tracking system.

Can I send a bicycle by courier?

Couriers are the best on paper. You hand over the bike at your doorstep and take delivery wherever you want. They pick the packed bicycle from your home and deliver it to the address provided. As with any courier, you can track it and stay updated on the whereabouts of your bike.

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